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October 18th, 2020

I still don't know anything about upper structure triads, so I want to know more, but I don't understand anything I read about them. (dummy) Sound feel good when hear it. (dummy)

I want to meet an upper structure triad in my dreams. :heart: (poem)

Grow, muscles...

I'm awfully happy that the muscle pain that didn't come even when I'd been doing 40 mintues of Ring Fit did come when I went on a 2-hour walk.

Though it's just that putting in effort despite your clumsiness to obtain various skills makes you appear handy.

Destroy the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" and create "Jack of all trades and the strongest."

If I say they're necessary, they're necessary.

Are those augs really necessary?

Me writing sheet music.

["This song's got 7 augs in the first 18 intro measures." (screencap from The Wind Rises)]

Fuku Suzuki-kun has become Fuku Suzuki-san... And Mana Ashida-chan has become Mana Ashida-san...
And last but not least, OSTER-san has become Roset-chan.

Actually, for walking 10 km, my back feels pretty good. I should have fun training my body while it's feeling good...

Spending all this time walking 10 kilometers then taking the train back home in an instant makes me feel like "technology is incredible."

I got carried away and went on a walk for 10 kilometers... Define "walk."

Keienu-san said they like Friendship and I'm like, I know, and it makes me wanna make another song like that...

There was a man wearing an I :heart: Japan T-shirt riding a bike with a big smile... It was cute.

Mario Galaxy has more instant-death stages than 64... It's either beat the stage or die...

I'll make a confession. Even though I haven't done a Mario Sunshine stream yet, I'm proceeding in Mario Galaxy without streaming it... Mario Galaxy's fun...

[Photo of 29,507 YouTube followers] Almost at 30,000! Go for it!

Make me your number one... :heart:

There's no way I'm going to become the best in the world, but I can work hard thinking that I might possibly become the best in your world.

I'm always wanting to become the best in something... I want to be the most powerful aug-user.

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