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October 17th, 2020

I'm a Sister Claire-obsessed woman. #SisterClaireTheEgosearchDemon

When you spend a long time living with cats, then even when there aren't cats around, you feel like seeing something move out of the corner of your eye or something touching your leg means there is a cat there. It seems like the same phenomenon as feeling like the phone in your pocket is vibrating when it actually isn't.

I made the Canon thing in 3 hours.

[Retweeting Calamity Canon video] I'm a Vtuber who makes music like this while everyone watches, thanks in advance. (self-introduction)

Watching tea parties made me want to have a tea party, so maybe I'll cut the cake in the fridge...

↓It's Media

[Text is cropped to look like it says "breast" (but due to mixed alphabets, clearly isn't meant to)]

I think even if Tanjiro yelled "You're wrong!!" at me about my unique values, I'd be like "If you think that, then yeah, in your eyes, I'm wrong," so I'm the villain.

All I can do is live searching for what I can do, and die searching for what I can do...

I'm so tickled by the statement "The number one use of the Caps Lock key is turning off Caps Lock."

It's really nice how the smell of these new tatami mats alone makes it feel like I'm in a different place than usual.

Who is that? Who? Who?
That's Waking Up At 4 AM At A Ryokan Man
Waking Up At 4 AM At A Ryokan Man

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