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July 22nd, 2020

Stripping off one article of clothing at a time, I climb the mountain step by step. That's what music is to me.

I wanna get better at making music...

I do of course have "I want to do jobs like this" as a goal, but I think my feeling of "I want to make music like this" is stronger...

But if I summited Everest, I'd surely turn towards space next... Yes, fully nude in space.

I don't have any plans for one, but if I get interviewed and asked what kind of composer I want to be in the future, I'll answer "I want to be a composer who stands on the summit of Everest nude."

Not just using weird chords, but finding the beauty in them and making them into pop, is horribly difficult, so when I hear a song doing it perfectly I die.

I'm sure nobody understands what I'm talking about. I don't either.

Right now, I think my music is like being half-naked on Mount Takao.

Before I die, I want to make music on the level of standing on the summit of Everest nude. (???)

When I listen to a song with truly amazing chords, I feel like my chords are completely lacking in perverse energy... I've still totally got my underwear on... I wanna reach the point of being fully nude...

I always wanna try to help people with no confidence in themselves change...

Shaddup, everyone's a beginner to start, no point in making people embarrassed about it.

I seriously haven't studied chord theory at all, so I'm trembling every time worrying that I'm tweeting something totally nonsensical, or ridiculously basic stuff that'll make people go "ain't that obvious?"

Am7/D seems to be the majority, so I'll write it like that from now on...

Ever since I noticed that if you invert 7, it also satisfies the notes for a 6, I've kind of hesitated... Should it be case-by-case, or should I make them consistent in the sheet music?

I don't get this at all anymore...

It's just instinctual, but it feels like a 6 on top of C/D, so I feel like C6/D would be good. Feeling-wise.

To write Am7/D, or to write C6/D? That is the question.

The chords in my song are so complicated, I'm losing it writing them out.

Melos did not understand the chords in the song he himself made.

I might not die if it's not in the heart, but I'd like to not be stabbed if possible, since it hurts.

I've been told "OSTER-san, even you (etc.)", but OSTER-san gets depressed just over burning a shabby Salisbury steak, and she'll die if you stab her in the heart with a knife.

Because people with high self-esteem look cool.

I want self-esteem.

Spitfire Chamber Strings is four beautiful sisters. They have Samantha Thavasa shoulder bags and always carry neatly-ironed handkerchiefs.

There's some intense yuri between MODO bass and Drum Tree.

All the synths I have are girls, you see. (?)

Maybe women who twerk it are rare in the natural world... What are you on about this early in the morning???

There being BL but not yuri most likely has to do with the standards of what consistutes BL...
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I have a sickness that makes me immediately check to see if there are any lesbian penguins when I see something like this.

RT @aky_synes There was a penguin fandom shipping chart at the aquarium. [Photos of a chart of penguins with lines showing their relationships, with a few "ex-BL" relationships for pairs of male penguins who broke up and paired with females.]

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