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Translations of tweets from @fuwacina. For an archive of other Vocaloid-related Twitters I no longer keep up with, go here.

June 20th, 2020

I want to stream composition again, but it's hard to get to work on a hobby song.

[Jun: "Let's turn out the lights, OSTER, Jun will party animal your fatigue away, hop!"]
What a flatterer.

[Jun: "Noblesse oblige, while I was harvesting fruit, I kinda got a craving for nude women, hop..."]
Such a vivid imagination.

Their home was destroyed by Frieza, though. [Excerpt from the lyrics: "Si, we were always two who were one, always unbeatable back home"]

I imagined Kami and Piccolo doing a Seishun Amigo duet and was cheered up.

I feel like somebody getting turned into a woman makes them cute, yet getting turned into a man doesn't necessarily mean they'll be attractive... Is that just how my brain's built to blame...?

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