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June 19th, 2020

I've never even entertained the notion of being accepted by everyone anyway, so I'm like "let 'em be free."

When they're output in the form of words and actions, there's responsibility to be taken, but shouldn't thoughts themselves be free...?

And when I see people furious that someone has such and such thoughts on something, I feel like that judgement of thoughts themselves is persecution based in biases. Not being pleased when people don't have the thoughts you want them to is a super scary way of thinking.

I think everyone has biases, so I'm biased to think that people who say they have no biases just don't notice their own bias.

I am invincible.

I'm very happy to have a bunch of situations lately where I'm someone's mother.

I'm AAAA's mother.

RT @q07a_ ["Who's the first composer you took inspiration from in digital music?"]
O S T E R p r o j e c t - s a n

I'm a little swamped with work, so uploading any music-related videos this month might be hard. Please enjoy my stupid tweets in the meantime.

I've lost followers, possibly because I've been saying lots of stupid stuff, but I believe I'll continue to say a lot of stupid stuff. Thanks in advance.

I'm sensitive, so when I saw the word "lecherous" trending, I felt like I was being dissed and got depressed.

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