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February 6th, 2020

[Jun: "I heard that if you play Tapioca New Year for Nargacuga babies, they grow up faster!"]
Where'd you get your info?

[Announcement] I wrote a song called Sunset Brass for the arcade game Nostalgia Op. 3! :folded hands: It's a fusion-like (??) song brimming with the exhiliration of driving along a shore at sunset!! Please unlock it and play it! :piano:

[Jun: "Just how much tequila do you need for a tequlia bath, hop...?"]
Party animals terrify me.

[Toro: "Hold hands with Toro and sleep with him at a hotel, meow! ♥"]
That's what people who aren't gonna stop at sleeping with you always say.

[Continuing last night's Lemon parody:] Until the bill is paid, I can't return

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