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Translations of tweets from @fuwacina. For an archive of other Vocaloid-related Twitters I no longer keep up with, go here.

February 5th, 2020

If I went to the My Hero Academia world, I'd want a quirk that let me produce beef fillet rossini from my hands.

Even the foie gras from that day, even the fillet from it,
I loved every part of it, alongside truffles
Inseparable from my heart, the scent of balsamic vinegar

I'll never forget the foie gras I ate that day.

I'm also who I am now from chasing after various others. Maybe next it'll be my turn to get chased after. I'll definitely get away from you. (It isn't that kind of game.)

My genes are constantly being inherited...

RT @PianoYurara Since I started listening to OSTER project's songs, the chords and melodies I use have changed completely. I one-sidedly think of her as the teacher who created my current sound.

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