Vocaloid Highlights: April 2013

Vocaldome! 163 songs enter, a bunch less than that leave! 3D action game!


Magical Girl Eudaemonics- Tohma
Nonsense Heart- Chie
Game Specter 2- Pinocchio-P
black box- marasy
Threadnation- EZFG
Spider Thread Monopoly- sasakure.UK
Weaseling∞Lovers- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Forbidden Girl Plus A- Lunachu
Pink Stick Luv- Giga
Aria On the Game Center- Madoka Kurosawa
Pastel- Kazawara
Violet- Scop
Ayano's Happiness Theory- Jin
Heaven and Hell- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Eisho Romance- Asa

Worth Your Time

Forward-Thinking Nostalgist- Karap-P
Sky Sextant- nami
Worm-Eaten Psychedelism- Zips
Blood Error- sele
Reminiscing Movie- Saiona-P
Piece-of-Junk World- lightspop
Mind Control- YM
Apriloop- Nekobolo
Please, World- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Stronger, Give Me Strength- Owata-P
Phantasm Performance Satisfaction- papiyon
Donor Song- Rerulili
Good Night Song- JimmyThumb-P
AAAAAAAAAAAA- nyanyannya
Let's Meet in a Dream- PolyphonicBranch
Cops and Robbers- Task
Story of the Sky and I- ep0d
Transient Cerejeira- Ciel-P
Splatter Party- Camellia
Reddish-Brown Condenser- whoo
D-MECH- shr
Toyko Real World- out of survice
Emotional Catharsis- Sira
Fork in the Wheel of Fate- Nekomushi
Cyberparadigm- lumo
Magenta- Diarays
Deck of Hearts- Diarays
Angel of Death- Mafumafu
Hey DJ!!- Lefty Monster
Song of Shimizu Motsu-Curry- Kikuo
Far-East Cyber QT Girl- Matis
Ppppeachy!- Yuugou-P

And Then There's This

The AI Girl and the Deep Heart Sea- cosMo

Also, if anyone didn't read the 2ch story I posted yesterday, it's secretly about Vocaloid (shh!) and is incredible, so you should read it.

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