Chapter 6: Vally

Kittens? I haven't seen those before!!!!


I opened this door and this kitty WHICH I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE ran at me. He's still running into that wall, but you can't see that.

Valley 2 Walkthrough 5.1
The Valley 2 is a tough level to beat if you are new to the jumper world. Be warned that it takes a big step from the other levels you have played. It is actually quite easy of you are skilled at Jumper.

First thing you will see upon entering the valley is some new green blocks never seen before, unless you disobeyed my psychically-issued command to do this sector first. If you are familiar to the Jumper 2 engine this will be extremely simple. Just act as if you were wall jumping, and there you have it, the wall climb.

You have finished the Valley 2, and make sure to be careful there are harder levels that await you.

The fact that Shanko might have actually put a lot of effort into this stage, since he made a walkthrough for it, is truly terrifying. It may even imply that it's supposed to be a puzzle level, when the biggest puzzle (which I skipped) was dropping ice blocks onto fireballs - through spikes!

The floor disappeared and Morphis fell after me. I think this is the only name mentioned in this game so far except Shanko.

The level begins with you falling into a pile of rocks. Slowly. This level is very, very laggy and it is painful.

It's really boring and really slow, so I didn't take any other screens. Also, Morphis might as well not be there after you see him at the start; he moves toward you, but really slowly. This is basically the only other place you might see him, and it's the end.

Naturally, when I walk off the right there, it just takes me to the overworld. Well, I'm sure Shanko will wrap up all of these loose-ended boss battles later.

But now that path at the top of the overworld is open! What terrors await us for Shanko to jump into and kill instantly?

Coming later today, the exciting and massive 17-image conclusion.

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