Chapter 7: Okay, I could've sworn there was a version of the game with a bridge level here. With Battle on the Big Bridge, even! Why is it not here, Shanko?! Why?!

So I went through that tunnel and into a door.

Crate stacking!

You may notice many of the fireballs disappeared. I think they sort of, uh... floated off screen.

...Yeah, so, you start this level on a falling block above spikes. Just wait for Kaizo Shanko's Legacy. Bird riding in every stage, naturally.

Again, a bunch of fireballs just floated off screen.

Shanko was going to do voice acting here but the file was too big so he did this perfect transcription of what it sounded like. He even said "a-swell."

Well, great, I'm fighting Ganon. I beat him, though. Also, my shards counter went up to 400 or so and was used for his health, and an incredibly loud beep was played when I hurt him! Could this have philosophical meaning? No.

THIS GUY MEANS BUSINESS. Hence the hardcore guitar music.

Man, that robot dude totally knocked me out of the way! Hardcore.

So this boss is annoying. Unlike Morphis, he actually follows you quickly, and shoots fireballs constantly. Also, every few seconds, he does this.

The walls turn into fireballs, then shoot fireballs at you. Yep. Also, DIE

But you can get him stuck here really, really easily. He's stupidly hard otherwise.

This is the 100th image, so you know this is important.

The final boss of Shanko's Legacy! Sorta. Those fireballs circle around, and other fireballs bounce around randomly, and there's these giant X things that come out of the core and destroy platforms. It's an endurance thing. I died pretty quickly.

And kept dying.

And according to Shanko, it's supposed to end eventually, but it's so incredibly annoying and long I never made it.

Well, nuts to that.

I tried shooting this guy with Z-shots. It didn't work. The switch is facing the wrong way, so I can't turn it off or anything.

I sure hope I'm not missing any plot by doing this.

Man, this level looks annoying. But I must beat it! I don't remember actually getting past the final boss guy before, so I'm semi-interested in -



And so ends the demo levels of the worst Jumper fangame ever.

[ED: That textbox is actually a holdover from Dabomstew's Jumper engine, which appears when you attempt to go past the last room.]

Well, that was fun. Sort of. Maybe coming next: Ogmo Boss Fights! But that's about it because most Jumper fangames are just incredibly boring.

(Spoiler: I never actually played Ogmo Boss Fights.)