Chapter 5: ICE

This is unbelievably fitting. Did I mention that those fireballs are moving in circles (like the ones in the CAN'T STOP THE SHANKO level) around that text and SMB underwater music is playing?



This level is a stroke of genius from Shanko. You have to step on the pressure switch to let out the moving platform (which is alternating on and off because of the cannons hitting the electricity switch), then drop two falling blocks onto it when it passes under so they cover the top two spikes and you can push the crate on them. This would be great if, when you then stood on the top blue block, you didn't still collide with the spike and die.

Instead of a fairly clever use of a glitch, you're supposed to - I think - trap the platform between those two far left stacks of falling blocks and deal with pushing on a buggy moving platform to get the crate on the switch.

Every ten out of ten times, this will happen. I'm almost certain this is the way it's supposed to be done.

I finally got this to happen. But still, it's obviously not the intended way.

This boss just jumps and shoots the Scratch animation from Pokemon Virus at you. I can't even remember who made the sprites for them (guess what, most of the bosses in this are just characters other people sprited) or what their name was. But no one cares because you just get the fireball gem thing, stand under him, and mash Control.

That was actually really short, I should have posted them together in the first place. Oh well, last two updates tomorrow.

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