Chapter 4: The Swamp

Shanko sure loves elaborating on things for the benefit of everyone that's playing for the plot.

For once, Shanko is not lying. When you touch water, the game runs at 15 FPS. Intentionally.

I'm going to assume that green thing on the floor is an alligator, by the way.

I accidentally overwrote two screens of me underwater (which made up basically the entirety of level 1, whoops!), so I took this one instead. Bubbles!

The embodiment of evil (or something) is terrified of a blob of MS Paint colors that's - somehow - "looking right at him." Who wouldn't be.


This is all just super.

I tried to get to the core thing because that's what I remember having to do, but I just died, so I tried waiting a long time without dying. After failing to dodge the lightning shots (they're pretty fast), I jumped up into the corner (where you can see some Z-shots; I really don't know why they exist but you actually seem to have them all the time) and managed to get stuck here. The lightning couldn't reach me, but I was wrong about the waiting.

Then I tried one more time to touch the blob in the center and bam, overworld map.

These bosses are thrilling.

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