Well, since I need to keep this topic alive to encourage Mitch [ED: lead creator of The Joogle Bros.] to continue playing the game that led to this monstrosity [ED: referring to his LP of Jumper], I went ahead and finished the LP. So much for interactivity!

Chapter 3: The Dessert

I am so totally ready to rock this dessert.


I forgot to take any screenshots (every time I tried I was shaking too hard to hit the right button), but I rid a bird to the end of this level. In an alternate universe, my utter fear may have been well-deserved! (I'll explain that later, hopefully.)

Haha, quicksand. Dabomstew's greatest creation, any version of Mono Country be bl***ded. [ED: Dabomstew made a bad Jumper engine used by this game and numerous others, as well as web game Mono Country.]

This shaft I just went through is amazing. If you're standing on the (VERTICAL HELL YEAH) moving platform when it hits the jump blocks, it bounces off. If you jump, it goes right through. Thanks for that, Dabomshank.

These are SUPER JUMP BLOCKS. They're super!

No, I didn't do anything wrong; you're really supposed to be able to do these four areas in any order. So yeah, according to Shanko, we went to the Vally and saw some cats. Awesome. (Also, there isn't actually a cat onscreen, so I cropped it.)

Aww, kitty.


After failing to beat robokitty by dropping ice blocks on it, I accidentally pressed Z and started shooting these. They head toward the nearest purple block (forgot to mention those; they become unsolid for a time when you hit the Ps and, when off, act similarly to off red/blue blocks in Clicker) and destroy them. If there are none left, they just fly to the upper-left.

This has nothing to do with beating robokitty though, you are supposed to kill it with ice blocks. Shanko just has horrible collision detection, I guess.

After that, I fortunately didn't get a cutscene about how the robokitty infused Shanko with the ultimate power when it died and went back to the overworld. Next time: swamp!

Chapter 4