Let's Play Riviera: Chapter 6

Couldn't have found a better way to start this off if I tried.

Since we got mithril earlier (I guess, I barely remember it), he offers to make us some equipment. Okay.

Over at the Magic Guild, Claude asks us to show him that giant page, and...

What, and that isn't useful? Pictures!

It seems like this was here before, but I never looked at it. Seriously is Rose supposed to be a cat or not?

Apparently Ein hasn't been bathing during my massive break. Oops. Sorry. (Anyway, she wants our fish and gives us a Cheer Bell in return.)

Okay, so we were beating up Recursions or something.

(For the last seal, that is. Man, I think I'm actually kinda close to the end.)

A hole appeared and ghosts came out of it? Doesn't sound likely to me, Lina.

(i don't remember this at all can't we get to the last two already i actually sort of remember those)

Cierra, you still suck at reading.

While Cierra is being dumb, a guy with a cleaver just sort of shambles into Lina and she loses her backpack.

Um... geez, I forget who I was being nice/mean to. Anyway.

Lina: It's already too late for that!

Except, none of that actually happened. Of course.

Lina ain't afraid of no ghost, etc.

Then we fight some demons and look at a dead tree.


The Lens of Truth? Cierra suggests using the rope.

Oh, wait. You mean to go down the well?

Oh yeah, that's right. I was being nice to Lina. Because it's always a result of choosing the right option. Fine, we'll go along with your silly "secure rope" idea.

Everybody climbs down, Cierra causes the rope to snap, Ein gets a chance to make fun of Cierra's weight. Standard Riviera fare.

And standard Atlus fare, too.

After beating those guys, the game makes us waste TP looking at a clearly empty chest. Jerks.

Since we never learn, we look at another one. For some reason, seeing two empty chests is infinitely more annoying to Serene than just one, so she throws the chest at the wall.

Oh, great. If we check the chest again, we realize we can just hit the switch again to turn the lights on. But if we disregard what Lina said (and I didn't screenshot) about not being able to go back...

I really think we should have been able to see that before, honestly. So we take the Light Moss and go the the next area.

This looks like Ice Priest's stage. Prepare for a disappearing block puzzle.

This looks even more ridiculous in motion. I almost missed you, quick time event.

If we dodge it, we get...

Most useful item ever.

So we walk into a maze of some sort and there's a vampire on the ceiling who's like "JOIN US SERENE."

I know Serene, and she isn't two-faced.

Ein is a master decision-maker. We touch it and hey who could have guessed it's actually a demon. But we don't have to actually fight it, because...

I'll be nice to Serene just this once if only because "Prune it!" is a great A-button action.

it's sunny? (I really think they could have fit that in one box but whatever)

There's a "pound" and "steak" joke here, but I'll let you make it.

Souls have weights.

So we go around to three identical rooms, each with a stake and an convoluted-puzzle-tombstone, and pound the stakes to open a fangdoor.

Insert Fire Emblem joke. Anyway, we're Ein, so we're gonna take it.

Hey, you have a perfectly good sword already. After beating him, we get his 5-use sword (maybe not so perfectly good) and nothing else happens. Well, time to go the other way!

Lina: Have we?
Serene: Where have you been?
Lina: I've had my eyes closed.

Why is it snowing underground? Because it's winter. Oh, of course!

You come across a sweet lake. Ford, wade, ignore?

We don't like getting wet, so we go back.

Okay, I didn't screenshot this room, but trust me when I say that was not there before. So we step in and end up in a giant crystal room which is apparently the Red Shrine.

(I swear I screenshotted this.) A voice asks us to tell it the priest of fire. But since we can't just say it, we have to go back to all those graves to get the ankhs for each priest and figure out which one is which. (Or use savestates. Or a walkthrough.)

So putting an ankh at the Red Shrine messes with the water level. And even though I chose savestates, this line is pretty appropriate.

So it is, Lina. So yeah, we screw around with the Red, Yellow and Blue Shrines to get through the lake.

suddenly POISON

Fia is the Simple Wikipedia of Riviera.

What was that? We are falling for it this time? (Also it actually isn't trapped ha ha.)


Goddamn it. In that case, the final boss is Dracula.

Er, I mean, of course not. This is the final boss.

But honestly, he's pretty easy. He palette-swaps red shortly into the battle for a one-on-one with Ein, and after that, he doesn't seem to use any attacks besides his Break Out, which isn't all that powerful anyway.

Awesome we killed Death and saved the universe.

Of course she did. But...


Ursula: threatens Riviera, mostly because Death was just too disappointing of a boss.

Chapter 7

(Actually, the game doesn't tell you yet. Ursula, you jerk.)