Let's Play Riviera: Chapter 7

Last time on Riviera: The Promised Land, we finished the game. Obviously, this update is nothing but massive amounts of post-game content.

There's nothing really going on around town. There's just so many people saying "good job you're awesome go peace" that if I screenshotted them all, I'd run out of clever jokes about it actually being the end of the game. (Which it is.)

Well, except this syllable-fairy...

Gotta love this game. Also we give the nearby witch the Light Moss but don't get anything yet. Which means we never will, right?

WORK SURE IS WORK. Fairies, am I right? Sorry again, fairies.

I disagree. That is extremely bad.

Then the elder hypnotises Ein and turns out to be evil. No not really.

When an emotionless Grim Angel, who was up to no good, started destroying Aquariums in the Yggdrasilhood. Oh, and something about it possibly (that is, obviously) being Ledah.

So in the morning, no one actually knows where Yggdrasil is, so we ask the elder. It's...

Hold on, you're confusing me here.

...Um. I thought there was another chapter after this. So what the heck is that named?

And with him, Meteor.

Wow Ursula sounds really evil if you just look at that line. Anyway she's released THE CEFIRO to slow down not-Ledah and to actually make Ein fight some enemies before not-Ledah.

I'm pretty sure this sentence doesn't actually make grammatical sense.

I figured I should probably screenshot this, but I don't really have anything clever to say about it, so I'll comment on how bad the y in "Fairy" looks since they didn't bother to program letter hooks for names. Anyway, we run into some CEFIRO.

Wait, at what point did we realize that it's obviously Ledah? Not that I'm complaining about being able to stop calling him not-Ledah, but when did it happen?

We check a bush and find the fairies. They want us to take them to their friend. Yeah sure.

Better than inside your brain, I suppose. (That was a Seiken Densetsu 3 joke you probably didn't get it.)

No, really. vghime's fine with third-person, but this is just poor grammar.

For some reason this made me think of Megaman disappearing blocks instead of something else about magic floating blocks.

Which turns out to be quite appropriate because AIR MAN ATTACKS

What kind of Right-mashing action is "gust"? We're trying to not get blown away by wind here, in case you couldn't guess.

Did Lina always have grammar this bad also great it's one of those jerk wind dragons again. So his Break Out blows us away.

After we get back Ein doesn't pay attention to Fia or something which makes everyone suddenly complain about how he should care about them since they're his friends. But seriously no one cares.

Then we get to see Ledah beating up CEFIRO. Looks like Ledah is shedding.

Not you, too. (She's talking about the trees or something.)

Lina gets getting really emotional about having to beat up Ledah, but we all know Ledah was too much of a badass for Ein to actually consider him a friend.

This is actually a lot more obvious when you can see the animation of the silhouette. (It's a fairy, and apparently if you throw a rock at it, you can never collect it. Whoops?)


On the way, Ein has plenty more emotional/anime talks about with his party about WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A GRIM ANGEL and THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. They also eventually figure out that breaking Aquariums is bad because it makes all the fish die.

A fairy in a chest? What is this, Majora's Mask?

So anyway. she joins us too.

You're a kitty!

...Uh. What? That doesn't seem very -


Grim Angels are evil who could have guessed. It's not like they're called GRIM ANGELS OR ANYTHING


Well he's dead. But Ein won't finish him.

Oh hey completely forgot about you. Turns out she's a Grim Angel.

You're sounding like a Stage 5 boss. (Also she's talking about our old boss Hector. You probably forgot him too.)

So Ledah says he's going to be okay and we chase Malice.

I mean, yeah, seemed like you were in a pretty carefree life sim before all this.

Geez, Rose, we can totally take down God.

Ein: Rose, I've been thinking...

Maybe it's just me, but I think Rose hasn't been doing nearly enough of this lately. Anyway, Ein basically just says he's determined to stop Hector and so on.

Oh, whoops.

So now Ursula isn't protected, but we're still here so let's fight.

After the battle even though she lost Malice is about to kill us for real this time seriously EXCEPT...

OH NO YOU DI'INT. Then I guess Malice stabs Ledah.

well okay

He also reveals that he gave up his emotions to become a Grim Angel. Yeah we sorta already figured all that out, Ledah. Ledah?

The antithesis of Ursula is named... Seth? Seriously? That's really something. Also, uh, so is the Maze of Shadows the opposite of Yggdrasil or something.

That's really something, too.

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