Let's Play Riviera: Chapter 4

Let's inspect a statue, we can make it our best friend. Cierra has other ideas, though.

Since when have we cared about setting demons free? Cierra knows nothing of how we operate. No matter what option we choose, it's indeed too late.

For fighting the demons, we get a Book of Nanai. Whatever that is.

Come on, it's not like we have a guy who activates every possible trap, or someone who talks in the third person, or...

I like how there's the intended meaning, and then there's also the fact that this appears to be the exact same "cracks" sprite used for the ground. We mash B to destroy the wall. Sure, that makes sense.

This... doesn't, really. Amusingly, Fia says "we can't go back" but one of the exits is labeled "back." But in reality it leads to another nest.

A poor orange stuck in a tree. Lina wants to shoot it down, Serene wants to fly to it. We all know who wins. Also, quick time event to aim the shot.

Looks like she hit the tree. Also, it's an Applecot, unsurprisingly.

For the egg, we can take it, but since we don't really need more eggs, we break it (with some kind of karate chop) for points and stat boosts.

Forget the Accursed, Ein's true mission is to travel the world and karate chop every giant egg he can find.

Of the three dialogue boxes I could have taken a screen of, I chose this one because having to type out the correct spelling of this would conflict with my style. But yeah, the floor is gross. We can tell Lina it tastes good but that's being a jerk because it's fungus.

We fight some slime demons that are actually worth mentioning because every one of their attacks lowers the endurance of your items. Magnificent jerks.

Missed the screenshot since it's pre-battle dialogue I always ignore since it's usually just "DEMONS!!", but Serene says "Ein, whatcha gonna do?" Really, whatchas Ein always done when demons gonna come for him?

Anyway, we inspect a Hanging Object and - wait...


Serene knocks it down and when Fia tells her it's a beehive Serene doesn't even seem to have a clue what bees are. Jesus. We run by means of quick time event, obviously.

Once the bees are gone, we can take or burn the - hold on, take?

Hmmm... nah. Even the friendly Mr. Bat has a chance of biting you instead of the enemy, so I'm definitely not trusting killer bees.

Cierra looks vicious in this portrait. Also there's no quick time event or any more dialogue than this or anything, but hey points.

Cierra almost falls but we quick time rescue her. Ein suggests Serene is lucky to have wings. But do they come off?

It almost sounds like she wants to know. For science, of course. Anyway, Serene says she'll save us if we fall.

That's Lina thinkin'. We also get another Mana Wisp by Lina shooting at it. What can't she do? Ignoring that she isn't able to effectively use the majority of our items.

We come across some kind of root.

I wonder if we'll do anything like that. Ein tries to pull some out, but it's too strong. So the rest of the party helps.

This is apparently the sound of Cierra mashing Down, because that's what we do in the following quick time event.

And these are the best battle results ever.

That's a feather. It kind of looks more like a sword than a feather, but whatever, Lina wants it.

Even if we want to get it ourselves, Lina and Fia do it for us, and somehow have a lot of trouble grabbing it. And then they both fall and get covered in mud. Oh, Lina.

Finally, one screen later...

It's our Accursed dude. I don't know if anyone before had it, but this guy has a weird distorted text typing sound, which is kind of cool.

We beat him and Serene randomly notices a hole. It leads to the same background we've seen like 10 times this chapter.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Cierra's metal jointed friend. BUT SUDDENLY THERE IS A MEOWING NOISE.

Gateau is a cat. Not too surprising. But wait, this cat looks familiar. Or should I say... our familiar?

So yeah, apparently Cierra found Rose in the woods and gave her a potion that made her speak cat. Uh, she gives that to all her friends, it's fine. We can understand her, though, so our party members call us crazy.

And Ein has bad excuses for things.

Back in Elendia, Kyle loves using rod actions to bring in a fish. Whatever floats your boat. We get a fishing rod for fishing, I guess. Then some kid outside gives us a pouch for fishing. What? I don't remember any fishing in this game, but I suppose it's to be expected in a game with so many quick time events.

Also, Reiche wants our Dizzyshroom. Uh, sure. Here you go, guy. You better not tell anyone I gave you this if things go awry.

We're done in town, so we go to the Elder.

Obviously, this means the next Accursed is there.

(i vaguely remember this one? a little?)

We fight some more slime demons (grrr) and eventually catch a grasshopper with a QTE. This was not screenshot-worthy.

Well, aren't you positive.

There are so many things I could say here, so I'm going to surprise you and not say any of them.

Red and blue bandage twins? They're pretty wacky. They also want to flood the ruins and kill us because we're dirty demon-killers. I'm disappointed the second part of it has to come between us.

Outside, we can investigate some rocks. Lina tries to jump across and somehow pulls EVERYONE ELSE in, drenching our inventory. But we can actually just move onward without inspecting the rocks. What the hell.

This may have been the case for the brick-jumping last chapter as well, but this makes you drenched NO MATTER WHAT so it's worse.

We see a fish in the water and Lina suggests we catch it for Rose. Except Rose refuses to eat raw fish.

See, I told you I wasn't mixing this up with Lunar. But yeah, this is why we got the fishing equipment in town. And as bait, we use the grasshopper. Funny how all this works out. PS. Quick time event.

I don't think that's proper usage of the verb "fish." We examine a rock, and...

For throwing at bats? Sure. I guess I'll take it. (No, I don't think there was a rock in Chapter 3, so this is only semi-recurring.)

We open a chest with a standard, random tra-

Lina: There's something next to the chest!
Rose: (It's a snake!)
Fia: Ein, a snake!
Ein: Oh, yeah?

The chest has more Tarot cards but seriously Ein just went "oh, yeah?!" and threw a snake. No wonder doing this made everyone like him more.

For reasons everyone but Ein's party knows, the water level is rising really quickly. I'd comment on how suddenly it went from no water being visible here to where it is now, but...

There's this, instead. "Left, you say?" is nothing compared to this, come on.

Well, something came loose and floated to the top. Some kind of book.

No comment.

We come across a door. Serene wants Cierra to blow it up, but it's <insert really strong made-up material>. But there's a strange panel nearby.

Fia: H-heaviest...
Cierra: ...one...

Apparently even the game doesn't want you to be mean to Lina, because Lina only opens the door a little. Anyway, I leave Fia because we get it, she's the heaviest.

Not at all suspicious. Not at all trapped. Not at all obvious.

...Actually, the blue chests are empty, not trapped, but the green one has a key in it. Something about that seems... redundant, I guess.

These demons are trying to steal a mermaid's Undine's scales to sell them at a high price to strangers.

After defeating them, the Undine is gone, so we go back to where we left Fia. Fia gives us a Holy Crest, which I expected to toss...

But Lina can do this with it. How does that work?

The water level rises again and hey, shiny thing. Serene calls Lina fat despite what happened no less than ten minutes ago. We end up sending Rose to get it and it's a Mana Wisp. Sweet, free stats. I think Rose hates me forever, though. Nothing new there.

Nice dodge. We dodge two more (do I even have to say it) and go up to fight the archerdemons who were firing them.

Ein goes looking for stuff in a dark room and everyone follows him for some reason. I'd say that this used to have a dirty joke that was removed, except, well, all the other ones got in. Anyway, we find a key which we quickly use.

Cut to wacky red and blue twins. They plan to stop us with a Golem. Musical note.

Leon, I've sent you a Playing Manual. Look on the back of the CD case. Submerge it in water. Red girl doesn't think they need the manual, though, since the Golem is already on.

I wonder if the Riviera manual translator had anything to do with the main script.

We fight another dragon that has an Over Skill that blows us away, but there isn't even any amusing plot when it happens, it just wastes our Turns Until Drowning. Disappointing.

Then we catch the Golem Manual via you-know-what.

And then we end up back in Golden Sun, oh god.

Chapter 5