Let's Play Riviera: Chapter 3

...Demons appeared and we defeated them. Again.

Ein: Gee, thanks.

Yeah, we all know he's one bad.

You know, like... ein... never mind.

Someone turned off the background layer. Fia turns it back on for like a second with light magic which lets us see a torch. Except we don't have our torch anymore. Whoops!

Of course, even if we hadn't put it out, that dragon would have blown it out, right? Logically.

We dodge FOUR fireballs by means of increasingly difficult quick time events. But hey, 12000 points. And of course, Ein doesn't lose like 20% of his max HP, which is always nice.

There's some weird statue and some weird lithogram on the roof of the castle. But only people from Asgard can read it and no one -

Oh god what. It summons an Accursed guy. No one can hurt him, and even though he says "you aren't going to use the Diviner?", Einherjar doesn't work. He Breaks the frick Out of us.

Oh, that's nice.

This guy is actually kind of hard considering what we've fought so far, especially since his Break Out is apparently just as powerful as before. Einherjar now has a pretty strong, bar-breaking Over Skill, though, so that's cool.

After the battle, Ursula has some explainin' to do.

Oh, that's... not very nice.

Shh, not so loud!

This is a killing mission. It may require the use of Diviners. So Ursula wants us to switch to helping the Sprites, and obviously the girls beg us not to, you know, destroy them.

A heart-wrenching decision, but the choice is clear.

Ein: Sorry, but I can't...

...go on as a Grim Angel.

Ein is a master of dramatics.

Okay thanks. Who are you, again?

We go back to Elendia. Time to talk to everyone again!

Hey, it's that bat. And no, not even town scenes can scare away the quick time events. This one is a Bat Jr., though I don't yet know the difference.

There's more bread in Fia's house. Sweet, etc.

I knew those Moon Lilies would be a good idea. Meute gives us an... Ice Javelin? Okay, cool.

There's an Applecot randomly lying on the ground. What on earth is an Applecot? Lina gets a skill by eating one twice, though, so I guess I should take it.

The fox (?) girl who wanted to pick me up wants my Mosamo Ash. In return, I get a Flag. What does a Flag do?

Go team?

Wait, is "root" supposed to be the masculine version of "cheer"?

Once we're done in town, we go to the elder's house where the girls are talking about going to fight Accursed... s. Of course Fia and Lina and Serene all want to help, so let's go already. To the Accursed!

(hey i just said that)

Enough said.




Maybe I should feed my readers this so I don't actually have to make jokes!

Well, Lina knows better than any Mushroom Book. She cuts off a piece and -

WHOOPS. Fortunately nothing bad happened right guys.

Ein sinks trying to open this chest. After we get out (it, unfortunately, turns our sweet, free Bread into Wet Bread), we get someone else to go open the chest.

Ein figures Lina is light and Serene has wings. Fia is Too Fat by anime standards, of course. I'm guessing both would have worked, but Serene gets the chest really easily.

Now Eindiana Jones has to spell his own name. But in the Sacred Tongue, Ein starts with... well, an E, probably.

Serene skips the quick time event and just flies over.

So lazy.

Refined? Pile of rubble? What is this crazy talk. Fia searches and finds THUNDER ONYX, which I guess makes nearby rocks arrange themselves more neatly.

It's just so brown. You call that realism? Oh, and the fact that there have been like five rooms with this same background.

We eventually get outside and when we can't open a door, we try to climb up a branch and end up falling when some birds surprise us. Ow.

Serene: Everyone's fine, then?
Lina: I'm not fine!
Serene: But, you're not hurt, right?

Lina is a poet and she doesn't even know it. (Don't tell her how it's Seh-reh-neh in Japanese, but also don't tell her she was originally Luuri or something.)

Hi, completely unimportant girl. She tries to use a spell to get us out.

She's not very good at it.

She does have good aim, though.

And Ein has no clue. I guess Witchy is also Anime Fat since the branch breaks. Double whoops.

See, Lina was right in the end. And you doubted her.

She's Cierra, and her friend is Gateau, who may have metal joints. On the way back to where we were, Cierra proves her usefulness...

...No, not really.

Some gremlin demons are picking on a gremlin demon with differently-colored hair. Those jerks. We help him and get some item I already forgot and probably tossed. Yeah, helping people out and all, but where are the points?

This time we climb up the branch without incident, no thanks to that fweakin' bird.

On the other hand, we will do anything for cute bird ladies. However, Fia doesn't consider herself the doctor type, so we just leave it injured and it gives us a Happy Plume. Apparently the Harpie's name is Happy. Yeah.

A golden egg that I didn't have the TP to inspect before! We take it because hey, free egg.

It turns out this is a birdemon's egg. Oh well. Humorously (or morbidly), they drop a 10-use Egg to add to the 5-use one we just stole.

There's nothing more manly than eating eggs that would hatch into monsters, Serene. You wouldn't understand.

How convenient. You're still not very useful, though.

Lina runs over to a jewel, everyone crowds around, and then you start shaking your monitor really hard. Foooools! We quick time event on out of there.

Ein has had food on the brain ever since he had to toss out his free bread. Also, it is an egg, Serene doesn't know what she's talking about. It's an inedible key item egg, but still. You have wings, you should be an expert on this.

Social commentary! Yeah, that's a good enough ending point.

Chapter 4