Let's Play Riviera: Chapter 2

Took long enough.

Pfft, close enough. Ledah must edit Wikipedia or something.

Apparently Hector knows this girl and tells us she's our enemy.


The Sacred Tongue looked kind of like Russian. Anyway, she's trying to stop us from activating the Retribution for the sake of the Sprites. Ledah's already established he hates Sprites, so we fight her dragon.

Ein dies pretty fast since it's really strong, but still not strong enough to outdo Ledah's autoheal.

After the fight, the dragon dies and Ledah tries to kill Ursula...

Before realizing how terribly lonely she is. Then Ein gets teleported away.

Game over, man, game over.

This would be like a double game over if we happened to care for any Sprites, but now why would we do a silly thing like that. Anyway, it turns out we're alive and surrounded by fairies.

Bad idea, lady.

Ein is so forgetful we're not sure if he's even still Ein.

Hey, I got both of their names in one screen. So yeah we got found by these two girls.

Personally, I would scream if I woke up to that face.

And so it begins. We're in Elendia, which is a town in Riviera.

Ein: Riviera?!

Ein, I made that joke at the end of the Golden Sun LP. Did you forget that?

Oh, right. Yeah, Ein has amnesia, of course he forgot.


When we talk to the green-haired girl, we have to remember her name. Well, it's a good thing I took that screenshot with both of their names in it.

...What? Really? You're not Chia? Okay that never happened.

We look at the table and look at the bread on the table. Chia doesn't seem to be using it, so...

Ein knows what you gotta have in life.

Oh god the options. It doesn't especially help all the houses use this exact background.

Insert Super Mario Galaxy joke.

Lina popped out a heart because I told her "yes, thanks for asking" in response to "are you okay?" Also, she talks in the third person sometimes. I'm afraid she may have... an Affection Meter.

I believe she's rolling her eyes here.

Very clever, Atlus.

Get away from me.

Less important stuff in town: everyone is worried about demons (not allied with them!) and the fairy Ein met in Chapter 1 remembers him but neglects to mention he's an angel or anything.

We're eventually able to go to the elder's house where Fia and Lina complain about him cancelling the expedition to Rosalina Island, since they lost contact with the Arcs there.

Lina is especially angry. But that's no reason to curse up a storm. They decide to just go there on their own via a magic circle. Since they're Fia and Lina, I have to follow them even though they say not to. They're surprisingly willing to let me come, though.

Meanwhile, Hector is being a huge jerk with Ledah and looking for Ursula. Hector also mentions something about Malice collecting and sacrificing souls, which doesn't sound very godly.

(don't expect my chapters to follow the ingame ones at all)

Apparently Potions aren't just a heavenly technology, because Fia can make Potions, being skilled with weeds.

Lina points out some wet grass where she finds a dagger. Since being nice to Lina is always better than being mean to her, we tell her it's a nice find rather than saying it's broken and not that useful. This also lets us actually have the dagger.

We run into demons and Fia mentions the front and back lines.

Ein: Back line? Front line?
Lina: Geez! The back is the back, and the front is the front!
Ein: Um... That I know...

As far as I know, it doesn't work Final Fantasy style, where people in the back are weaker. Enemies attack whoever is in front of them, and I assume they also have wide/piercing attacks like I do, so it's kind of important I guess.

After the battle, the girls realize Ein is actually stronger than they are. We search some more grass.

Who can resist that face? And also points? We're keeping your rock, Lina.

On the next screen are some briars. If we touch them, Ein and Lina permanently lose max HP. So, uh, let's not do that.

Lina: But there might be something cool!
Ein: You mean, like a rock?

The girls get kind of scared because of how creepy the castle looks. But we are fearless and ignore their worries, which makes them like us more. Okay.

We inspect a gargoyle, but it does nothing. We can push Lina to look closer, however... and find a trap. But hey, we get points if we dodge it. Poooints.

Ein: That makes two of us.
Demons appear.
Lina: Demons!

Not that there's anything wrong with wearing a ribbon.

Eventually Fia tells us we can fight Practice battles to level up our weapon skills. And they don't use items, which is really nice. And we can end these battles anytime, which is also nice, since people lose their weapon progress if they die.

Lina sees something round in a tree. Whatever you say, Lina.

Extremely realistic shaking physics. A fruit falls and we give it to Lina to give her some stat boosts.

We hide from a guard via quick time event. However...

Lina is allergic to guards. But we STOP THE SNEEZE via quick time event. What can't they do?

We hide from a few more guards, then hear one rustling in the bushes.

Since I'm not necessarily being mean to Fia, I choose to sneak past. Guess what? Quick time event.

We run into some posessed bones or something. Fia purifies them with a prayer...

...A quick time event prayer.

(By the way, Lina's attempt at handling the situation is attacking the bones, which turns them into a demon. Not so good.)

This guy is a jerk and says this after every hit. Until his turn:

Whoops. We get separated from Lina and end up on a roof somewhere. Ein and Fia fight some demons and meet up with Lina like two screens later. But what of the dragon? WHAT OF RIVIERA.

Well, we get blown away again. Although it takes slightly longer before he decides to do it. This time we don't get separated, and when we jump down from the roof Lina crashes into a tree.

This random branch that falls just happens to be useful.

After we get blown away again, all the dialogue repeats, so this time they actually expect us to defeat him. Actually, that's kind of incorrect; his HP doesn't regenerate each time you get blown away, and he never stops blowing you away, so you just keep taking off HP until you kill him before he blows you away. Blows you away blows you away blows you away.

La-Mulina? Lina wants this bat so we throw a rock at it.

Just kidding, that would make her sad. We do like a 10-button long quick time event to catch it.

Mr. Bat is fun for all ages.

Um, use weapons? I think the amnesia made him even worse. Fia explains that there's a bar that shows the damage a weapon will do -

...Never mind. We jump down some roofs and find a slightly catacomby place where we light that twig with a blue flame. That's nice.

Ein seems strangely troubled by this. But apparently so am I, since this is the first thing in several screens I found worth screenshotting.

We find a fountain. Since we're smart enough to realize the water is probably no good, we just get some water to bring to the Moon Lilies. Which we hold with our hands.

On the way back, Lina starts running and trips, but we decide to drop the water and save her because hey, we can get more water. Which we do.

For reviving the Lilies, we get a Moon Drop. Then I decide to use the fountain to put out the torch, which gets me Mosamo Ash.

And on the way back from THERE some Black Earrings fall out of nowhere. What a nice nowhere.

Unique character portrait alert! (Actually that means nothing because everyone in town has one. Although all fairies look the same. Sorry fairies I didn't mean it you just literally have the same sprites.)

...But rather than look for the source of the scream, we search a thicket for a four-leaf clover. And Ein finds one. He's one lucky guy! Well, back to looking at those people above us.

Unique character portrait of a jerk alert. Apparently this girl (high pitched text sound) is the one who killed all the Arcs and is trying to kill this one, too. Somehow while fighting they fall down to our level and we fight the she-jerk.

Also, Einherjar is pre-equipped. But that's not important at all.

The battle goes on for three turns and she-jerk keeps saying "you call that fighting?" until she decides to use her Break Out. Then Ein randomly takes out his Einherjar and the battle ends.

Illogical. Logic not found. She-jerk runs away (she jerk-runs away?) because their Diviners are resonating or something. Oh hey and the Arc is still here.

Not a favorable situation. Serene joins us to take revenge on the demons.


Chapter 3