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Strictly speaking, the word in the title is not the same as the word "standstill" (teishi) used to refer to the stopped world - they share one kanji, but the latter one is different. It's teitai, which is closer to "stagnant."

But "Stagnant Girl" just sounds bad. Standstill is fairly close and more iconic of the stopped world. Plus, the sense in which Alice is "stagnant" is basically because of her "lack of past and future," hence standstill effectively describes the same thing. Also, note that when Tiska puts the hands back on, he talks about breathing life into "the stagnant world." So yeah, they're pretty interrelated.

Shadelings were Yamibito, literally darkness-people. That was just the best name that came to mind; you could read into "ling" being short for "linger."

The Land of Time was actually the Land of (the) Clock(s), but... come on. I greatly prefer Land Before Time jokes to that.

I had no real basis for most of the name romanizations, so I just did what seemed right to me. I considered "Tyska," but Tiska looks better and is more likely to be pronounced right and at least one time in the code his name is abbreviated as "tis." (Of course, "Chiska" also appears a bunch in there...)

Dreamling's was "Pawn Shop "Yumeji,"" where Yumeji just means "dreaming" (as a noun). Macaroni Info Hut is basically exactly what that's called, though.

In Japanese, the last character of all of Gulinello's sentences was made katakana, which... implies a weird sort of gruffness in his speech, sort of maybe? It's an effort to show how he has more personality than the other Shadelings, so, y'know.

Why yes, I am rather satisfied about "Time Primer."

As far as some of the enemy and attack names go, particularly ones like "Centifulword"... don't ask me. Searches for them only turned up this game, so they're at least partly made-up.

The secret move that has a 1/100 chance of triggering if you use Just Watch, "But the Spell Comes Out Your Eyes," is a reference to "but the spell comes out your butt," a famous quote from Magical Circle Guru Guru.

It's not really a translation note, but I found it pretty weird how the creator of the world is called "the Master" (nushi) in the Glossary and Gulinello says "Master" one time, but they're just "God" on every single other occasion. For real, why even bother with the "Master" thing.

"Passage for the Passing" was really just "Passage for Those Going to Die," but I absolutely cannot resist wordplay.

"Take it easy!!" in Alice's Backyard is in fact THAT "take it easy!!"

I translated it as "development hell," but if you've read that one Japanese Lesson I wrote, all that was actually said by that one author stand-in Shadeling in the Backyard was "Thought it was gonna eternalize (etaanaru)!!" Nobody would've understood that, though.

Posted December 13th, 2013

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