A Somewhat Early Christmas Gift (from kouri's blog)

I received a little something from Movic!
Ahh, I'm so happy.

Obviously this excited me, so like with the Mokeke, I took a load of pictures.
Allow me to introduce the elements of my gift through them!


The first thing I screamed "Whoaaa!" at was this stocking.
It contains roses of three colors (artificial, of course) and jelly sticks of some familiar characters.


Close-up of the roses.
Saving the jellies for later...

I managed to get a clean photo without any glare from the flash!
Seems these roses were colored then arranged.

Next is this framed illustration!
The art is from the Ib clear file folder that went on sale last month.

It's in a wooden frame.
I was surprised to find it was also printed on real canvas!
It looks very pretty printed that way.

And of course, along with the roses in the stocking...

Wow! Jelly sticks of Guertena's art!
(Well, not all of it is.)
Sorry I couldn't get a very good photo! Bad flash! Stop that!

There are eight different sticks.

Ib's handkerchief.


??? of the Deep.
Come to think of it, I did wonder what the lower half of that fish was like...

The helpful bridge painting.
Very accurate, actually...

Macaron and lemon candy.

A Death of the Individual. Kind of big, isn't she?

Red Eyes. Oh, so dreadful!

That's that.
I like jelly sticks, but it would be a waste to eat these... I'd rather use them as decoratations.
Thank you very much for the wonderful present!

By the way, all this was created exclusively for the present, so it's not for sale!

Posted December 8th, 2012


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