Understanding Replacement Girlfriends For Dummies

Since some people seem extremely confused about what's going on with it, here's a more straightforward summary of "I Proposed To My Girlfriend, But She'd Been Replaced."

But definitely read the original, and only read this if you're just hopelessly confused.


The OP is "T." T sends marriage forms in an envelope to his girlfriend to sign. (His girlfriend was nicknamed "Chiwa" for behaving like a chihuahua, got her stage name "Aigantei Chiwawa" from this nickname, and her real name is Hanako Satoh.)

Elizabeth Ijuin - presumably a girl stalking T - intercepts the envelope and sends Hanako a blank form, putting her own name on the original and sending it back to T. T is confused by the unfamiliar name.

T asks Hanako about the name, foolishly not bringing the form with him. Hanako doesn't understand why T would be asking what her name is. T backs off much too early and interprets this as her name actually being Elizabeth.

T looks at some old photos from trips with Hanako, but Elizabeth has replaced them with Photoshopped versions editing Hanako's face into hers, confusing T greatly and essentially making him think there's something wrong with his memory.

T eventually consults S. S has prosopagnosia, so he can't tell that Hanako's face was edited into Elizabeth's, so he assumes the pictures are Hanako based on her clothes and pendant.

Later, Elizabeth waves at T from a bus, but T feels like he's going crazy by now, so he thinks it's just a hallucination of "Hanako" (the girl in the pictures, since he thinks Chiwa is named Elizabeth).

S perceives his prosopagnosia is probably proving problematic and proposes that N provide assistance. (Also, S and N are dating.) The three meet up. N explains how S's prosopagnosia led him to say it was Hanako in the photos, but in reality, none of them know who it is.

They meet with Chiwa and confirm her name as Hanako. Asking more directly about the marriage form, they discover the foul play with the envelope.

They show Chiwa the pictures and she recognizes them, other than her face being replaced. She brings in the originals to compare, and they realize the pictures T was looking at were likely digitally edited.

T at last puts the pieces together: Elizabeth Ijuin's name cropped up because she somehow intercepted the envelope to sign her own name. It's thus also likely that this Elizabeth edited T's pictures of Hanako to contain her own face.

Not knowing who Elizabeth was, not knowing how and why she did this, and thinking back to how he may have seen her waving from the bus, T is rendered unable to ever sleep again.

Oh, and no, I don't think there's any known continuation.

Posted May 19th, 2012

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