An End-of-the-World Story (from Fafoo's Twitter)

I've arrived at a stopping point in my work, so as part of my persisting failure to learn, I'll tell a story about the end of the world.

There was an illness that made you unable to express the thing you wanted to say most. Because of this, there were a boy and a girl who couldn't reveal their true feelings for each other. Once the two became adults, both fell in a "convenient" love with another partner and wedded them. Their thought was that if they found a more wonderful love, "the thing they wanted to say most" might change, freeing their sealed thoughts.

However, due to the reluctant nature of their married lives, the pair's feelings for each other only grew stronger. They lived near each other, and would sometimes meet and chat. Neither so much as imagined the other was experiencing troubles similar to their own. Both divorced their partners at nearly the same time, and as if planned for, moved to the same town, where they watched over one another. A long time passed.

The two were finally able to reveal their true feelings on the day the world ended. As the familiar sky was covered by a greenish-white aurora, for the first time in their lives, "the thing they wanted to say most" changed. In exchange for losing the words "it's so pretty," they were finally able to voice their feelings. The words they wanted to say 20 years ago, in the classroom after school.

The end.

Posted April 19th, 2018


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