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END ROLL Gallery Pages

There's a gallery of bonus illustrations on the official END ROLL site. It has some extra information, so here are translations of the text. (Segawa asks not to repost the images.)

Beware of spoilers! Segawa technically marked the more spoilery pages with asterisks, but that's less helpful in this format, so you may not want to look at this until you beat the game to be safe.

(Last updated June 6th, 2017.)


Announcement Art

"The end credits won't stop rolling."

The illustration put on the Farethere City site as an announcement.


Full-Body Characters (Townspeople)

Full-body drawings of the townspeople.


Full-Body Characters (Dreamsend) (*)

Full-body drawings of the Dreamsend Etc. people.


Miscellaneous Supplement

[Tabasa] Tabasa No Coat / Wearing a dreamcatcher sort of thing
[Gardenia] Back of Gardenia's Hair
[Saxon & Yumi] Team Doesn't-Get-To-Do-Much (sorry)

↑ Added 7/15: Even more supplemental stuff.

[Kantera] "I wear these things on both sides, indeed."
[Dogma] Dogma with no coat. His hat is a sort of pin-type thing that goes in his hair.
[Rootie] Rootie! (meawww...)
[Edamameye] Edamameyeee...
[Mireille] Mireille Back
[Tabasa] Tabasa No Hood / His weird ornament is woven into his hair and fixed in place.
[Cody] It's a culotte skirt, so pervy winds are no problem! / *whooooosh* / "But I still dooon't like this!!"

↑ Supplement stuff regarding designs and such.

[Russell & Mireille]
↑ I was going to draw everyone at this size, but it was more tiring than I expected, so I gave up. Rest in peace.


Informant and Dreamsend Trade (*)

(Public Phone)
"Hello? It's me, Mary..." "Stop it with that..."

His eyes, Y-shirt, and socks are colored differently from Russell's. Height, weight, and age are identical.
Those who have played may have faintly noticed (from choices and such), but Russell doesn't seem to like him very much.

[Raymond & Yue]
↑ These two were based on a flirt and a girl who actually appeared in a dream I had.


[Added to on 1/5/2017]

Dreamsend Details (*)

[1/5 Update]
[Dreamsend Enterprises] My Lunch Ran Away [Fake LP]
[Video translation here.]
The following character expressions were used in this.

[Text on Main Image]
I'm commonly asked this, so: the Dreamsend people do in fact live in the real world.
By sleeping in a special machine developed by Dreamsend Research, they can enter other people's dreams. It's literally a job you can sleep on!
Also, their outfits and such are automatically regulated to not be "out of place" in the dreamer's world.
(This is also why Yue demonstrates Draken features.)

[Kantera & Yue] Ryuuu~n
[Fairia] Fairia Back
{Raymond] Raymond No Hat
[Robe] The sleeves and pelt are sort of attached to the robe.
[Walter] Walter No Coat/Pelt

↑ Since there was demand, details on the Dreamsend people.


Observers of Knowledge (*)

The Observers of Knowledge who protect the Wise One's Stone.

Since they're people from a game called "Ruins of the Wise One," they have heavy fantasy armor.
I wanted to draw armor! (Real reason)


The Incarners


About 130cm (4'3") on average, levitating in the air by some mysterious force.
Their bodies are made of metal, so they're nice and shiny.

Shopping trip. If you need any incarnation done, come by anytime.


Puddle Apartments (*)

[Chris] Chris
[Watchin/Feynin] Watchin Man / Watchin Woman / Feynin
[Mom] Chris's Mom

Russell's best friend. (Or worst.)
A famous brat in the neighborhood, but with his nothing-to-hide personality, he has many friends.
155cm (5'1"), age 14.

↑ The people at Puddle Apartments.


[Added to on 9/12/2016]

Miscellaneous Supplement 2 (*)

[Bath Hairstyles]
↑ The girls' hairstyles when in the bath. Also, boobs.

[Both] Siblings Back, Type-2 Weapons Equipped (The Type-2 weapons make a better picture...)
[Cody] Cody Hair Down
[Dogma] Dogma No Hat

↑ Supplemental stuff. I was adding more stuff, so I switched pages.


Q. Tabasa wears a sturdy-looking long coat, so what does he wear under that? Does he take the hair ornament off?
A. Below is a regular high-neck top and pants. Like what they sell at Uniqlo. (Refer to other gallery pages)
The hair ornament... Maybe he takes it off when he sleeps...? (Vague)

Q. Is the hair ornament you pick up on Day 1 a ribbon? A butterfly?
A. It might be a ribbon. (Vague) [Note: There's a Ruins of the Wise One question which insists it's "hair ornament" and "ribbon" is incorrect, so, hm.]

Q. Can Draken, including Kantera, move their wings? About how big is Deliveryuu? Does he wear ornaments on his horns too?
A. Draken wings can be moved, but won't let them fly, basically.
Deliveryuu's size is about what it is in the illustration on the front page (able to sit on Kantera's shoulder).
He wears ornaments matching Kantera's on his horns.

Q. Does Dogma hate cats?
A. He hates Catties, but cats... I wonder. There aren't any cats in that world, huh...
Religiously speaking, there's the association of cats as witches' familiars, so maybe he finds them eerie. Similarly for squids and octopuses.

Q. Is it impossible to see the night movie with Yumi?
A. There is a conversation there in the data, but the timing makes it impossible...


Memory Girl (*)

↑ The girl of good memories.
Owner of the game's sole +10 guilt event.
A kind of service. (But nothing's slipping out!)


10,000 Downloads Commemoration

↑ An illustration to commemorate 10,000 downloads.
I'm grateful to everyone! You have my regards!


[Added on 9/12/2016]

Dragons' Peak Related Supplement (*)

[Couple] Hospitable Couple

Draken Supplement
Only males grow wings, and they can be moved if focused on, but can't fly. Are those wings just for decoration?! (They sure are!)
Their average lifespan is about 80 to 150 years.

Deliveryuu Supplement
A species even longer-lived than Draken.
Rather powerful, so they can fly long distances even when carrying heavy loads.
About this big.

[Small Deliveryuu] Temari~


[Added on 11/15/2016]

Catties (*)

Equipped for Snow Village


[Added on 11/15/2016]

Darcover & Funerale (*)

↑ Darcover Flowers are more or less "blue lilies."
Darcover Town and Funerale are both based on places I saw in dreams.


[Added on 12/28/2016]

Clover Hospital (*)

↑ The children of Clover Hospital.
Be sure not to go off with people you don't know.

↑ "Once more, do it to me..."


[Added to on 1/5/2017]

Nasty Stuff (*) (Super-Gory)

[Yumi and Toxic One]
↑ [Updated 1/5] The mailbox is full of my love.

[Cody and Dogma]
↑ [Tragic News] I was picturing this being after the destruction of Darcover Town, but there's no such scene!


[Added on 1/24/2017]

Card Project

I drew these card designs to be used at an offline meetup for freeware games.
After the meetup, I received permission to post them on the site, so here they are.
(Sorry for going for the easy-to-draw characters without hesitation...)

I couldn't participate in the event, but thinking "I wonder if I could give these directly to people who played the game...?" made it really fun! My hands sweated like crazy!
Thanks for the invitation!


[Added on 1/24/2017]


Witnessing One
Its actual size is something like this.
Tabasa: 173cm
Witnessing One: Over 2m

Monster Size Chart
Everyone's pretty large.
1. Tripper
2. Squish
3. Bloodpool Rabbit
4. Matchbox
5. Kuchinashi
6. Your Fault
7. Beer Bottle
8. Bitter Curse
9. Toddle
10. Loiter


[Added on 4/28/2017]

Contest Award Commemoration

[12th Freem! Game Contest: First Prize and Most Popular Prize]

I drew this in commemoration of earning "First Prize" and "Most Popular Prize" in the 12th Freem! Game Contest.
(The quality may be better over on Freem.)

Eeheeeee! I'm so happyyyyy!!
And who knew you could get two awards!
I'm astonished!
Thank you so much!!!

↓ Also, a separate version.
This is reality.


[Added on 6/6/2017]

1-Year Anniversary 4-Panel Comic

Celebration Compass ~First Anniversary ver.~

Day 2: Received the Celebration Compass from the Informant.
Informant: "Good luck! ♡ Good luck! ♡"

Gardenia: "Okay, let's try it out now, Russell!"
Russell: "Yeah..."


One year of END ROLL. Thank you very much.


Also, it's not part of the site gallery, but here are the main character heights with centimeters for greater accuracy.

Yue: 4'6" (136cm)
Russell/Informant: 4'9" (146cm)
Gardenia: 4'9" (146cm)
Mireille: 5'2" (158cm)
Fairia: 5'3" (161cm)
Kantera: 5'4" (163cm)
Cody: 5'5" (164cm)
Yumi: 5'6" (167cm)
Dogma: 5'7" (171cm)
Walter: 5'8" (173cm)
Tabasa: 5'8" (173cm)
Saxon: 5'11" (180cm)
Raymond: 5'11" (181cm)

Posted September 11th, 2016
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