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For some odd reason, Segawa made a Yukkuri Let's Play (basically, an LP using text-to-speech voices) for a weird game where you try to keep rice balls from running off the plate, played by the Dreamsend members from END ROLL. It's kind of too much trouble to subtitle, so I just made a transcript.

There are some END ROLL spoilers.


[Dreamsend Enterprises] My Lunch Ran Away [Fake LP]

* Warning *
This video is a Yukkuri LP using characters from END ROLL, a game created by myself, Segawa.

There are spoilers for the game and its true ending.
It features the four from Dreamsend Etcetera, so it's recommended that you've seen the hidden character recruitment events in the game.

There are hardly any serious elements. Please enjoy it.
If you think your image of the game might be ruined, please don't watch.

Is this okay?

Raymond: Hey, guys!
Raymond: I brought back lunch!
Yue: Oh, Ray... Welcome back.
Walter: You're late, you womanizer.
Fairia: I'm starving over heeere!

Raymond: Yeah, I know, I know!
Raymond: I just bought whatever from the convenience store,
Raymond: so you can take what you like!

Fairia: Yaaay!
Walter: Unusually generous of you.
Yue: Thanks...
Fairia: That's our Raymond!

Raymond: Well, but...
Raymond: All I got was rice balls!

Walter: Huh? (forceful)
Fairia: Eh? ^^;

Yue: I bet they were just on sale...
Raymond: Oh, you figured me out? (lol)

Walter: Hold on, womanizer!
Walter: What of the Red Bull I requested?
Raymond: Oh, forgot that.
Walter: Die!

Fairia: Fairia...
Fairia: likes rice balls, so it's fine by her!
Yue: Yeah, me too...
Raymond: Right? Rice balls are great!

Raymond: Okay!
Raymond: Yue, you go first.
Yue: Eh...? I get to pick first?
Fairia: Sure thing! ^^
Walter: Ugh, I suppose...

Yue: Thank you... well...
Yue: I'll go with the umeboshi rice balls...
Raymond: Ooh, so cool.

[Level 1 start!]
Raymond: Oh, forgot to mention, but,
Raymond: apparently these rice balls run away, so watch out! ★

Yue: Huh?
Walter: What do you mean, run away?
Fairia: Don't tell me... (laughs)

[The rice balls start to run off the plate.]

Raymond: Pfffft...
Yue: Whaaaaa...
Walter: Seriously...?
Fairia: Oh deeeeear...

Yue: Eh, um...
Walter: Are you kidding me with this?
Raymond: No wonder they were on sale!

Yue: T-The salmon's getting away...
Fairia: I don't get it, but good luuuck!
Yue: S-So's the ume...

Raymond: Good luck, partner!
Raymond: You're the only one...
Raymond: who can protect your own lunch!
Walter: Don't try to put a positive spin on it!

Yue: I-It's fast...
Fairia: 15 seconds to go!
Raymond: You've got it, you've got it!

Raymond: You're surprisingly nimble, you know!
Yue: I mean,
Yue: it's because I'm hungry...
Fairia: Yeah...
Fairia: It's 2 PM already.

Walter: That salmon's energetic.
Yue: 5 seconds left...!
Raymond: Keep at it!

[Success! Yue gets two rice balls.]
Raymond: Whoaaa!
Yue: It's over...!
Fairia: Great job!
Walter: Finally behaving, you little rice balls?

Yue: Oh, I'm glad...
Raymond: Great, just great!
Raymond: Let's keep it up! Next!

Fairia: Fairia wants to pick next!
Fairia: It should be ladies first, you knooow...
Walter: Hear that, charmer?
Raymond: Right you are.

Yue: Well, I'll...
Yue: wait until everyone's picked
Yue: before I start eating...
Fairia: Oh, thank you, Yue!

Walter: Hey.
Walter: You gonna pick? Hurry up.
Raymond: Don't gotta be so grouchy!
Raymond: The ladies won't like that.

Walter: This is all because you bought these annoying things, you know!
Walter: Wasting time on food is a cruel joke!
Fairia: Now, now,
Fairia: you need some fun every once in a while...
Raymond: Right? She gets it.

Yue: Yeah...
Yue: Even if we meet each other in dreams,
Yue: meeting in real life like this
Yue: isn't a common occurrence, so...
Yue: I'm really glad, personally...

Fairia: HOOOOO!!
Fairia: [Rapidly] Yue, you really are so cute!
Fairia: [Rapidly] Fairia feels just the same way!
Fairia: [Rapidly] Let's all play together lots more!
Walter: Shut up and pick already!!!!

Raymond: You're really short-tempered, eh?
Walter: My bad. (seething)
Fairia: Alright, alright, I geeeeet it.

[Opens level menu]
Yue: Good luck, Fairia...
Fairia: I'm OK like the Corral! [TN: no like really]

Raymond: Alright, which one will it be?
Fairia: Let's seeeee...
Fairia: ...Hmmm...
Fairia: Which one? I can't decide...
Yue: Yes, they're all delicious...
Walter: They're all the same, people...

Fairia: Okay, Fairia will go with salmon!
Raymond: Ah,
Raymond: that's tasty.
Raymond: It's my second favorite after tuna-mayo!

[Level 2 start!]
Fairia: Ahh, wait for meee! ><
Yue: Huh?
Raymond: Oh.
Walter: ...Hm?
Walter: (But that's not salmon?)
Raymond: (Not salmon...)
Yue: (No salmon...)

[One of the two rice balls gets away.]
Fairia: Aah...
Fairia: The tenmusu went away... ><
Walter: (Forget the tenmusu, pay attention!)
Yue: (Maybe I shouldn't say anything...)
Raymond: (Hey, if she doesn't notice...)

Walter: Hey, 15 seconds left!
Fairia: Waaah... ><
Fairia: There's only the one left!
Fairia: This one, I'll never let this one get away!

Walter: Just imagine you're chasing Raymond and it should be easy.
Raymond: Stop it, you!
Fairia: If I went for it that hard...
Fairia: I'd be crushing this rice ball!
Raymond: Please drop this.

[Success! But one got away, so Fairia only gets one.]
Yue: Oh, it looks like it's over...

Raymond: Hey, good job!
Yue: Good work...
Fairia: Hmm...
Fairia: I'm sort of upset about that!
Fairia: Besides,
Fairia: just one rice ball isn't enough!

Walter: Well, I suppose so.
Walter: For someone who goes to diners
Walter: and eats a huge katsudon and soba set.
Yue: wha
Raymond: For real?! That's amazing!!

Fairia: Ahhhh!!
Fairia: Why'd you spill the beans?!
Fairia: I'll kill you someday!! ><
Walter: I'd like to see you try.
Raymond: Stop, you'll really be dead meat!

Yue: C-Calm down...
Yue: Fairia,
Yue: why don't you try it again?
Fairia: Right! I'll do that!
Fairia: This time...
Fairia: I'll eat it very thoroughly!!

Walter: Her eyes are serious...
Yue: G-Good luck!
Raymond: Gently! Gentle!
Fairia: Alright, here I gooo!

[Level 2 start, again!]
Fairia: Wait, wait! For meee!
Raymond: Whoa!
Raymond: Wow, she's jumping side to side!
(Fairia: Ahahahahahaaa!)
Walter: I'm coming to pity the rice balls...
(Fairia: That's my afterimage!)
(Fairia: You have nowhere to ruuun!)
Yue: Scary...
(Fairia: Mayim, mayim, mayim, mayim!)
(Fairia: Mayim b'sason!)

Raymond: Hey, don't look.
Raymond: If I were a rice ball, I'd be cryin'.
Walter: You've practically been in such a position before...
Yue: Well, but that was Ray's fault...
Walter: He really should've gotten stabbed once.
Raymond: Hey, 10 seconds left!
Walter: (Play dumb, will you...)
Yue: (He played dumb...)

Fairia: Just a little more!
Raymond: Ooh! Go, go!
Yue: Just 5 more seconds...!
Walter: Don't let your guard down.
Fairia: I've got this!

[Success! Fairia gets two more.]

Fairia: Yaaay! I did it!
Raymond: Ooh, nice!
Yue: Congratulations...!

Raymond: Boy,
Raymond: those movements made me doubt my eyes!
Walter: It was inhuman, really.
Fairia: Ehehe...
Fairia: I'll blush if you praise me like that!

Yue: Y-Yeah...
Yue: It really was amazing...
Raymond: You look freaked out...
Yue: Y-You're wrong...
Walter: So did you, you know.
Raymond: Er, um, that was...

Fairia: Geez... ><
Fairia: You're all so bewitched by Fairia's movements!
Fairia: I know the feeling,
Fairia: but my heart belongs to Raymond,
Fairia: so I hope you understand that!

Walter: Right, right.
Walter: Well, I'll choose next.
Walter: No objections?

Raymond: Wha?!
Raymond: No, surely I get to go next -
Raymond: Come on!!

[Level 3 start! This one has three rice balls.]
Walter: Alright, alright.
Walter: Then this here can be your share.
Raymond: Eh? Really?
Fairia: Oh my...
Fairia: Walter, so kind!

[One of the rice balls immediately gets away.]
Yue: Ah, the tenmusu...
Raymond: Hey, put more effort into it!
Raymond: They're getting away, hurry!
Walter: Ahh, that one got away from me... (monotone)
Raymond: Hey, wait!
Raymond: I knew I should've done my own -

[The rest of them get away due to Walter's inaction.]
Raymond: HEY!!!

Raymond: Was that on purpose?! It was, right?!
Walter: Well.
Yue: Ray, calm down...
Fairia: Yeah!

Raymond: No lunch? You gotta be kidding...
Walter: That's what you get when you buy moving lunch.
Raymond: Hey, it was a steal...
Yue: Your greed really backfired here...

Fairia: Oh, poor Raymond! ^^
Raymond: It's so unfair... (´・ω・`)

Walter: Now then...
Walter: I suppose I'll recompose myself
Walter: and secure my own lunch.
Raymond: Run, run, ruuun!
Raymond: Run, run, ruuun!
Yue: Ray...
Fairia: So immature...
Raymond: C'mon, let me have this!

[Level 3 start, again!]
Raymond: This time around,
Raymond: I'm rooting for the rice balls!
Walter: You'll distract me, shut up.
Raymond: Don't wanna!!
Walter: Die. (2nd time)

Yue: It looks like the rice balls
Yue: have really gotten fast...
Fairia: They sure have...
Fairia: When you feel your life threatened,
Fairia: that's what everyone does!

Walter: These aggregations of rice
Walter: are a hundred years too early to stand up to me.
Raymond: What're you doing, rice balls?!
Raymond: I know you can run faster than that!
Raymond: Come onnn! Get fierce!
Yue: Ray, you're being annoying.
Raymond: Sorry...

Fairia: 5 more seconds!
Walter: Ah, I'm getting tired...

[Success! All three.]
Raymond: Daaaaaamn it!!
Fairia: Way to go, Walter!
Yue: Congratulations...!
Walter: Don't mention it.

Raymond: Hey, you lot!
Raymond: Aren't you ashamed you got caught by this moody jerk?!
Raymond: You're making the farmer who made you cry!

Walter: Hey, now.
Walter: Don't get too stimulated, it'll make you hungry.
Walter: Right, no-lunch Raymond? (scummy face)
Raymond: Waaaaaugh...

Fairia: Sheesh, Walter,
Fairia: there are limits to teasing! (laughs)
Yue: It's his usual behavior to blame, though...
Raymond: Isn't that a little cruel?!

Walter: Tch, very well.
Walter: I'm not going to eat all three anyway.
(Fairia: Huh? That can't be true...)
Walter: I'll give you one. Here, fetch.
Raymond: Just hand it to me, please!

Yue: How nice for you, Ray...
Yue: I'll give you
Yue: one of mine too...
Raymond: Really?!
Raymond: Boy, everyone could use a partner like you!

Fairia: Yes, yes!
Fairia: Well then, let's all eat!
Yue: Right...
Yue: If we don't hurry,
Yue: we'll be late to the presentation...

Walter: Ah, yes.
Walter: #23's report -
Walter: everyone did take a look at it, yes?
Fairia: Of cooourse!
Yue: Right, since it'll be used in the presentation.
Raymond: Yeah, um...

Yue: ...Ray?
Walter: Don't tell me you -
Raymond: No, no, I read it!
Raymond: It's just...
Raymond: It was a real shame. Really.

Yue: Ray...
Fairia: Ahh, Fairia's feeling hungry!
Walter: ...If you read the report, then fine.
Walter: Alright, let's eat already.
Yue: ...Yeah. Of course.
Raymond: I gotcha.
Fairia: Alright, everyone!

Raymond: Let's eat!
Yue: Let's eat...
Walter: Let's eat.
Fairia: Let's eaaat!

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