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September 23rd, 2022

I haven't been playing with others since I keep getting tired and falling asleep...

[Screenshot of Splatoon 3 playtime as "more than 50 hours"] I've already played for 50 hours.

Give me a doujin about dog sisters. [Reference to reading "inu shimai" as not "put your dogs away," but "dog sisters"]

The bodily pain I get after going out all day is just the worst.

[Re: call for recommendations] I received lots of recommendations, so I'll go listen to them in order. Thank you very much.

RT @u_sekihara Friendship.
A good song, yes.......... :sniffle: [Links it]

Freud is grinning about this somewhere.

I suddenly remembered that the dream I had last night was incredibly pervy. Do you ever have dreams like that?

I already mince my meat, so I wish people'd give me a pass for not mincing words, y'know? [Originally a play on an expression for "not mincing words" that literally translates to "not wearing it on your teeth," saying she at least wears clothes on her body]

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