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June 17th, 2022

After playing Sunbreak longsword for nearly 30 hours, the tempo playing Rise longsword was so different I couldn't do it at all...

Man, it really is so fun... The sense of achievement is ridiculous... Maybe I feel this refreshed because the one death just felt like something beyond my ability, lol

Rise time attacks are generally over within 5 minutes, so doing tight time-attack-style movement for over 10 minutes was super rough mentally, and I wasn't at all able to the same movement in the latter half as the first...

I've never tried this hard in my life. (exaggerated)

I'll upload the video later, but the moment where I take a death is extremely funny, so please look forward to it. Truly, small monsters are evil. :smile with halo:

[Screenshot of Steam playtime] Time it took to defeat Malzeno:
29.1 hours
It was a painful but incredibly fun three days... :crying: I am the top-hunter!!

My first victory over Malzeno longsword solo!!!
1 death and 11:51!!!!!
Thank you for the match!!!!!!!!!

I will defeat Malzeno today.

Having a thing where, while I'm unable to defeat Malzeno, I'm seeing time attackers do tight and cool movement that I wanna imitate, so I'll never beat it in my life.

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