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February 12th, 2022

When I start a game, I always take it incredibly seriously, so it's not easy for me to add to the number of games I play. If I started Apex or something, I think I'd die.

It's scary how I make the best progress by sleeping for a bit around 10 PM then working overnight.

Did my best today.

People grow stronger when they have something to protect. I'm sure bras are the same.

Bra Day? Amazing how bras are a thing that exist solely to protect boobs.

No cheese when you want to eat cheese (proverb)

All told, Wordle's pretty fun, so I find myself playing it every day.

This hunter's great at making music.

I understand mahjong completely.

["Rinshan" = rinse shampoo
"Kuitan" = eating (kui) beef tongue (tan)
"Namba" = Namba (tourist location in Osaka)
"Toimen" = toy men
"Honroutou" = twice-cooked pork (hoikourou)
"Otakaze" = otaku
"Houjuu" = fire gun (literal reading)
"Junchan" = Jun-chan (reading as a lady's name)
"Kanchan" = Kan-chan (reading as a kid's name)
"Dora" = gong (literal reading)"]

I learned just now that there's a system called dabuton.

"I'll take that tile" system = fuuro (claim and expose)
Situation of having not taken that tile = menzen (concealed hand)

In making my mahjong explanation, I omitted all terminology that wouldn't be an impediment not to know while playing... though I mean, mahjong's almost all special terminology, so if I tried to express everything accurately there'd be too many terms to memorize and beginners definitely wouldn't understand.

I'm a genius, so I'm making a song.

With talking or commentating, too, if you feel embarrassed, it ends up half-baked which only adds to the embarrassment, so you should just let loose.

I super think the biggest foundation for singing well is singing without getting embarrassed.

This person's songs are so hard to sing.

Did some singing practice. #TesrosetTransmission

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