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November 15th, 2021

I thought if I slept lots and cleared my head, I'd be able to tackle Apexogre, but I absolutely couldn't, and now I'm gonna cry.

I wanna draw trip report comics, but where should I start?

Wanna be this soon.

The sheer density of every day around Miku's release was intense.

Taking into account the time waiting for illustrations, I was probably making Miracle Paint around 2 months after Miku's release?

Despite looking like a hot guy, apparently she's a girl, which got me stimulated.

This alpaca from Hakone's such a hottie.

RT @q0a_ Apparently Miracle Paint came out 3 months after Hatsune Miku's release... ←For real?

Isn't huge-boobed beer-loving sexy lady just Meiko-san?????

If I become a Vocaloid-P Musume, I want to be a huge-boobed beer-loving sexy lady. (writing my will)

Dunno if it's exhaustion, but my play's getting sloppy... That's no good at all.

I'm so bad at games it's depressing me...

It felt like I didn't have as much firepower as other people, and it turns out I forgot to do Rampage upgrades to my weapons. :smile with halo:

I am practicing, but it's not going well at all...

I'm running in the Tarotaro Cup this weekend! :woman running: :dust cloud:
I'm doing my best with practice, so please cheer for me.

I was sad to wake up and be in my house.

An image you use when something is for experts.

["* For Experts *"]

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