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February 23rd, 2021

Super Perverted Bear (apologize to the bear)

Stream's over! We made the bear stylish! Look forward to the finished release!

Starting another Tesroset Transmission tonight!
[Real Time Composition Stream] The Other Day I Met a Bear All-Out Arrangement [#TesrosetTransmission]

I'm a defiant person, so if you tell me "rainy days never stay," it makes me be like "then I'll be the one to find a rainy day that always stays!"

Even a rainy day that always stays must be out there somewhere in the universe.

As preparation for the stream, I sequenced the basic Met a Bear. :polar bear:

When I go to a classy French restaurant, I see meals like panchoronnechas and bachirinums beccho calnpinitz, with anuchish and yanchorogyunis sauce, and I don't know what's going on the whole time, but it's tasty. (2 IQ)

Tesro-sama at a classy French restaurant, unable to reach the table even sitting in the kids chair.

Tesro-sama is so adorable, trying to cross their legs when they're that short.

She ate a ton of corndogs after this. #TesrosetArt #LostDogArt

[Tesro: "For you, I'll bring over the classiest French hotel cuisine." (smug) Maiken: "Really?!"
Maiken: "Then bring me all the corndogs I can eat!!" Tesro: "S-Sure, leave it to me..."

I profit every time you draw Tesroset art.

[Retweeting Kii's fanart of Maiken and Tesro, showing them about the same size] I wanna see a date between Maiken-chan and Tesro-sama. (?)

Tonight at 8:30:
As part one of my Children's Song Remix series, I'll stream doing a thorough reharmonization of The Other Day I Met a Bear. :bear: :tree:
[Real Time Composition Stream] The Other Day I Met a Bear All-Out Arrangement [#TesrosetTransmission]

I'm relieved the molcars are equipped with the ability to easily exterminate humanity if needed. (???)

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