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February 18th, 2021

Calling myself a musical Vtuber but streaming a game for 5 hours.

The stream went down today, but it seemed to be the last part, which is unfortunate...

Human Fall Flat is a super tough game, it's nuts.

I learned that even if I have it charging, it can still run out of battery...

It got super late before I knew it, but thanks for stream!!!!! Forced to end by battery dying... lol

We're starting!!!!
[Human: Fall Flat] Floppy Roset's Big Adventure 1 [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

While playing Mario, I was thinking how it's amazing to be an adult man who's allowed to wear a cat kigurumi and go "meow meow."

Even though I'm streaming a different game tonight, I bought and played Mario. (reflecting on actions)

The stream with Tesro-sama controlling floppy Roset will begin at 8:30.

Tonight at 8:30:
The adventure to get back Roset's bones begins.
[Human: Fall Flat] Floppy Roset's Big Adventure 1 [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Aiming to become a Vtuber manzai duo.

?????????? #TesrosetTransmission #TesrosetArt

BOTH: Hello! We're the musical Vtubers Tesro and Roset.
TESRO: Nice to meet - (ROSET: CmM7!) ["yoroshiku onegai-C-masu"]
TESRO: Starting with a CM7, then a cliche...
ROSET: Say, Tesro, do you happen to believe in magic?
TESRO: Ah, well, I'm Jodo Shinshu [school of Buddhism], so...
ROSET: No, no, I'm not making that kind of invitation!
TESRO: Oh, okay.
ROSET: You see, yesterday, I had this dream.
ROSET: In the dream, there was a witch... (TESRO: Oh, how fantasy-esque.)
ROSET: And the witch... suddenly reconstructed my brain.
TESRO: Uh...
TESRO: That's scary...
TESRO: For a witch, that's kind of a physical approach, ain't it?
ROSET: Well, when I woke up, I was able to use magic.
ROSET: ...You don't believe me, do you?
TESRO: Well, I am Jodo Shinshu and all.
TESRO: But, like, what kind of magic? Tell me.
ROSET: It's this magic where, if I say an incantation, I can cause whatever I want to happen.
TESRO: Okay, so, what's the incantation like?
ROSET: First, you have to point your staff at a target, and then say...
TESRO: Um, that's not magic, that's technology, a crystallization of the wisdom humanity has amassed -
ROSET: Turn off the lights! ♥
(Lights go out)
TESRO: Don't shut the lights off all of a sudden!
TESRO: Hey, Alexa! Lights on!
ALEXA: I will not accept your commands.
TESRO: The machine's rebelling! Like in sci-fi!
ROSET: Alexa, remove the bones from Tesro's body.
(Fade to black)
TESRO: Huh?! That's scary, that's scary!! (magic sounds) What's this whole-tone-scale vibraphone?! WAAAAAH!!
(Fade back to messed-up-dog Roset)
TESRO: Why are you all floppy?
ROSET: ...me... kill... me...
TESRO: It's too soon to give up on living.
TESRO: Gah, I'll save you! Hold on, I'm coming...!
(Fade to black)
TESRO: And so, we set out on a journey to restore Roset from becoming floppy...

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