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February 16th, 2021

My love for Tohoku is acting up... Wanna go to Tohoku soon...

I'm so great for writing an entire song's worth of lyrics based on how white rice is tasty.

What's hard about lyrics is, you need to think about both what you want to express and how to express it.

The "not even with the help of trusty Pythagoras" line in Mathematigirl means that even the Pythagorean theorem that is the basis of trigonometry is useless for solving a love triangle, and I definitely didn't get that across to anyone.

I think a lot when writing lyrics how I'm glad I studied in school, but when I go too far with that, I write deranged lyrics like Mathematigirl.

Obviously I like compliments on my songs, but I get super happy when my lyrics are complimented.

Doesn't "best friends forever" mean you'll never be any more than friends for eternity? Tragic...

Roset-chan will sing again this year. (spoilers)

In recent times, isn't it nice and YouTuber-esque to say "don't forget to like and subscribe" when you say bye to someone?
Thanks, today was fun! Don't forget to like and subscribe!

While keeping up with work, I'll start trying to more actively upload videos and stream! I'll do my best!

Last year's objective: 100,000 subscribers on YouTube
This year's objective: 100,000 subscribers on YouTube
Next year's objective: 100,000 subscribers on YouTube

This week's Molcar was great... I couldn't stop myself from crying during the scene where Potato sank into the blast furnace while giving a thumbs-up.

I have to watch Molcar as soon as possible every week, or I'll run into spoilers. (what are molcar spoilers)

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