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February 14th, 2021

I played Little Nightmares 2 to the end... [3:44 AM]

Even when I get drunk, it doesn't show visibly, so I'm laughing to myself remembering the time a bartender told me "you can really hold your drinks, miss" and I nonchalantly responded "oh, not at all," but I actually was super woozy.

RT @50yen_50dama You seem like you'd have a strong tolerance for drinks, OSTER-san.
I get more drunk the more I drink. :eyeroll:

Wanna drink with my followers soon. :angry:

I've made the ultimate cute song and the ultimate cool song, so my self-affirmation has exploded.

Wanna make a curry song and play endless sitar.

It's also strange that I've made songs about Naporitan and rice, but nothing for what I eat most, curry.

I'm super moody, so my works are influenced by the mood of the times.

I want to make an effort to make more seasonal songs, but accounting for video release times, I have to make them pretty far in advance, and it's hard to feel like making a Christmas song during Halloween season, right???

Halloween :pumpkin:
- trick and treat
- Distorted Dream and Marionette

Valentine's :chocolate bar:
- tete-a-tete
- Chocolate Magic

Christmas :christmas tree:
- White Snow Falling

↑Why's there only one?

OSTER should make more Christmas songs.

:chocolate bar: Happy Valentine's :chocolate bar:
tete-a-tete - OSTER project

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