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January 2nd, 2021

No matter how much of a feast I eat, if I don't eat curry for a while, my body starts to tremble.

A: The ones floating in ochazuke
B: Goldfish food
#TesrosetArt #LostDogArt #MakemonArt

If you have an attitude of enjoying suffering as a rare kind of entertainment you can't typically experience the more hopeless it is, you can find new meaning in it, so I've concluded that it's good to be a little bit psychopathic.

But y'know, I think a wonderful thing about art is that you can transform sadness and pain that seems useless into something meaningful.

There's this repungant musical Vtuber who got a question like "I've had a crush but acted like we're just friends for 6 years and it hurts, what would you do?" and replied "make it into a song."
Apparently her name's Roset or something.

I should think about what first dream of the year I'd have if I could have dreams freely. I wanna become Roset-chan.

My first dream of the year was a weird one, and while thinking to myself that I'd just forget it and not count it, I woke up and forgot it, so it doesn't count.

The lowest-grade action you can do is assign grades to people.

The greatest year begins with the greatest start.

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