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October 15th, 2020

To myself ten years ago:
I've obtained the furry body I longed for, and right now am sequencing Canon while chanting "sexy, so sexy." Be at ease, and do your best.

Some things you can't do without vigor. Maybe I've lived getting rid of my own escape routes for that purpose...

But I also feel glad I was an idiot because that's why I can be doing this now... LOL Wanna be blessed by the people around me to make up for my idiocy.

I'm a huge idiot, so back when I was like "I'm not working a regular job, I'm gonna be a musician!", I was thinking in my heart "Who knows how difficult this'll be, but I'll make it work somehow," and even after over a decade, I think the fact I've been able to keep this up is a mix of ridiculous luck and ridiculous effort.

Looking back on my lfie, I think major decisions have to be made while you've got youth and passion. And those choices will both make you suffer a bunch and also save you a bunch.

I wanted to go for a little more, but I was getting pretty worried about putting pressure on my back, so I stopped.

I'm like an athlete. [Ring Fit results: 43m1s, 176.10kcal, 1.87km]

The "mainstream [J-pop] progression" is pretty much the only other one I can think of for my chord progression corruption series, but I wonder if there are any more that'd work...

I didn't use too many augs this time, but augs aren't the only thing that's sexy.

I've also made a corruption of Marunouchi Sadiction's progression.

A video where the Canon progression becomes more and more sexy. #Dominowns #CalamityCanon
Standard Chord Progression Corruption! Canon Progression Edition #TesrosetTransmission

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