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May 20th, 2020

I know that's because I always prefer unstable chords that are like "Is this okay?", but still.

I feel like the subtle chord progressions I often use show their true worth when heard with headphones, and if played in a place with too much echo, they'd fall apart.

I eventually learned the fun of jamming out in a concert hall together as an adult, and I have sometimes aimed to make songs that would pump up a concert crowd. But my headphoned art-appreciating style of many years has definitely gotten in the way of those notions at times, and I now regret not going to more concerts when I was younger.

Music to me was never something for everyone to jam out to in a super-loud concert hall, but an amusement where you sit in your room wearing headphones and fully experience the beauty, like appreciating a work of art. I'm sure that stance has and will continue to greatly influence my composing style...

For me, drums are probably the hardest part of making rhythm. Maybe it's that I can't get too fussy with them, or that I don't really get ideas for them... It's my weakness...

[Sora: "You can't use your crotch on something like that, ya..."]
You sweet summer child.

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