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May 9th, 2020

[Jun: "It's Sunday, hop. I guess it might be good sometimes to forget about paying taxes and thoroughly indulge in napping."]

I can't fully explain with words the sensations I have when I listen to music, and there's no guarantee we'll even feel similar ways listening to the same thing, but nevertheless, I release my strongest fetishism into the world through songs...

I wanted to say that I like chords that aren't merely doing something unusual, but also have a sense of meaning, but to my chagrin, my lack of knowledge meant I couldn't concretely explain what I meant at all... Jazzy stuff? What even is the music I like.

Music is made of a bunch of elements, and I'm sure different people listen to and like different parts, but I've always had an abnormal fetishism for chords that led to making songs like these.

Thanks to my illness that kills me if I'm not doing something weird, I might not be able to make songs like my old ones anymore.

I'm steadily becoming unable to make normal songs...

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