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February 8th, 2020

I don't understand theory, but I like theoretically-complex songs. (broken logic)

50,000 likes is amazing... I'm happy everyone likes augs... Listen to my songs...

Theory is like an assist function to help you reach a wonderful sound, so I think it's better to think of it as "handy to know." As long as you understand the way there by feeling, I feel like it's not a necessary thing. (team "let's casually start composing")

To someone fuzzy on theory, the existence of double sharps and double flats is super incomprehensible to me, but does it really have to be like that?!

They're not for actual publication or anything, just materials I bring along to have it performed, so I figure it's probably more important that it be easy for a musician to read and play than harmonically correct, but still.

As far as what troubles me due to not getting music theory, I guess there's how when I'm writing sheet music, I worry over whether I should write C# or Db... But I do kind of get the notion that they're written different for different functions.

The Diminished Seventh sounds like a cool title for a popular manga.

I always have doubts, and every time I look it up I end up forgetting, so I'm eternally doubting myself, but if the 7 in C7 is B-flat, why is the 7 in Cdim7 A?! Dammit!! I don't know nothin' about music!!!

The chords known as augments, theoretically speaking, are like the equilateral triangles of chords. Not like I know theory.

Regarding augs, I could make endless reference to Tanaka-san's songs, but this song of Maaya Sakamoto-san's is wild. First time I ever heard a song ending on an aug...

I think of augments, flat fives, and sharp ninths at the Three Sacred Treasures of sound.

For those who liked my aug video, please listen to this song too.
OSTER project - Passenger Seat Road Movie feat. Kagamine Rin [NicoNico]

Long ago, I was taught beginner music theory for early-grade-school kids (like augments and majors and diminishes), but I was dumb and could never learn it as much as I tried.

If I may introduce myself to my new followers: I'm perverse.

That Time I Went Viral And Gained 2000 Followers In One Day (light novel)

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