Okay, so Chu is lazy and hasn't updated in a while. Since she told me she wouldn't bother with this, it's time for a JOOGLE BONUS UPDATE.

Our journey begins with The Joogle Bros.gm6 (implied version 1).


First of all, this was so early in development that the brilliant minds behind Joogle's plot hadn't been set to workanig[?]vg's Historical Notes: "Get workanig" was a mispelling of "get working" we three developers jokingly used to tell each other to work on their update, as only one person could work on the project file at a time. yet, so Joogle didn't live on Planet Joogle, he lived on a brown background with randomly placed gray blocks, yellow blocks, and very solid clouds.


Wait, did I say Joogle? I meant Joogler. Why? Mitch can't spell, probably. We spent way too long fixing all instances of Joogler. I swear it was still present in a few places really late in development.

Anyway, the first version had gray blocks (Jocity_Building_o), disgustingly yellow blocks (Jocity_Factory_o), soft blocks (Jocity_Soft_o), and clouds (Clouds_block_o). It also had intense shaded particle effects[?]vg's Historical Notes: Another person in our Game Maker community once made a "shaded particles" system to use in place of GM's default particle system... which was a million times laggier, due to using separate objects for every individual particle. for slamming.

As you can see, Joogle manages to look even worse. He is ALWAYS JIGGLING, even if he's not moving (actually, he was for ages and I honestly can't remember if it's changed in the final version - JOOGLE QUALITY) and his animation basically involves his tail thing randomly bulging and him bouncing up and down. This is actually considerably improved in the final.

Blagons, though, look almost exactly the same. Arguably, worse. Sure, the feet looked terrible and animated worse, but it's not much different in the final. And the shading is screwed up, but it's just screwed up in a different way in the final.


The key and health bars stayed almost exactly the same throughout development. But there's one thing that I can't show in a screenshot: there's no normal jump. Mitch actually thought, for the tiniest fraction of time, that going through the whole game with Air Key hovering would be fun. Or maybe he just didn't realize... well, anything really. Do you get it yet guys, Mitch is bad and his game should feel bad.

Oh yeah, and you're trapped forever in this pit. That is WIP Quality.

Well, that's pretty much the entirety of The Joogle Bros.gm6. But there's way more where that came from.

To prepare yourself for version 2, listen to this soothing resource pack music.


Pilid! Normal jumping! Joogle is on the road to success.

Oh, wait, did I exclaim "Pilid" in excitement? Well, he's the same speed as Joogle. Also, the Air Key is automatically selected when you switch characters. Since it's just so useful!

And for some reason, that Blagon on the left is just running in place. Other Blagons work fine, though. I don't get it.

But enough test rooming. It's time to joogle right into the joogle. Version 3 has the tutorial.


This is what happens when I'm not there to make Mitch a text system.


Cloud stairs... pointless... disappearing clouds. Joogler... Joogler never changes.


No Joogle could spell out words in blocks this way. The Joogods_o themselves destined for a lab to be built here.

Also, you can see two pixels of nothingness on the right because Mitch couldn't do math.


LAB UNDER CONSTRUCTION. You just know that if there were an NPC system at this point, there would be a horribly unfunny NPC here saying something about that.

Oh yeah, and there's no sewers yet, so you die if you slam down there. Speaking of which...


What the hell is this.


Version 3.5 (I don't know either) is version 3, except with Chu's Lab 3 as the first room. It was actually the second lab area made, and the Comic Sans to-do list says "Lab Part 3" still needs to be made. So that explains that, kind of.

Also present in the to-do list: "Add The King to the tutorial level. Every time you hear one of his messages, he moves to the next message." Nope, way too much work, disembodied voices are fine. Wait, The King? Is Joogle the prequel to Sneak King?!

And the text boxes are still show_message. Argh.

Version 4 was me adding text boxes to replace show_message, which, as part of a recurring theme, are exactly the same today. So nothing interesting there.

...But game over is still exactly the same. ARGH.


Aside from general graphical improvements, the lab is pretty much exactly the same by version 5 as it is by version 50+ or whatever.


Oh man, I totally forgot about this. You may notice neither choice is highlighted. Well, you used to have to use the MOUSE to click yes/no. I'm totally serious. What's wrong with me.

The Air Chamber has somewhat cooler music.


This switch is hyper-realistic and doesn't actually exist in the same dimension as Joogle and Pilid.


Somehow, Mitch made death even better. (I'm pretty sure this is because we renamed it Joogle_dead_spr and no one noticed it for forever.)

Wait, did I say everything was exactly the same in the lab? I meant everything up until the Galfio cutscene, where there's no object to take you to Galfio. It took Team Joogle five edits (actually, since I probably only saved my edits, as would make sense, more like ten) to completely finish what Chu covered in two updates. Actually, I don't know if that's good or bad.

So that's how everything covered so far used to be like. Will I do this again? Probably not, because as you can see, no one ever improved anything.

Bonus Chapter 2
Chapter 3