Okay no update tonight because I'd rather sleep than finish this update, but to make up for it here is some JOOGLE CONCEPT ART that was going to be unlockable before we gave up on having unlockables.

Don't ask me what the second picture's name is supposed to mean! I had nothing to do with this other than drawing it while I was messing around with the "Smudge" option in some DS homebrew art program!




[vgperson Note: This one is a reference to an old teaser for Tom Sennett and Maddy Thorson's RunMan: Race Around the World, which was "GostBot from Jumper 2 + star from RunMan = ?", hinting at their collaboration.]


I most likely named the second picture sprite, but I don't have any idea what it means so it's almost definitely either me or Chu mocking Mitch's terrible naming scheme.

I also just noticed that Mitch, much like sprULAs8888keM itself, is too cool to sign his name. Except in sprULAs8888keM's case, that's because sprites don't have hands.

Chapter 3