Hey, did you feel something?

No? Good. Don't let the Joogle get to you.

So, right. Icy Core. Pretty bad level. Originally-intended size: 3000x3000. Actual size: 1200x1536. Obviously, can lag quite terribly.

Super Mario RPG - Sunken Ship

Here's the first place we have to try out our new Water Key which we JUST GOT, not months ago.


But you see that, underneath the GM explosion effect? The Water Key has an energy bar. When it runs out (quickly), your weird swimming controls stop working and you float to the top like you would if you weren't using the key.

Like so. Geez, I just wanted some totally useless money.

You'd have to be joogle to expect me to do that! (It leads to the same place as the right path, except you get those coins and a faceful of turrets at the end. Also check out that WHALAGON up there.)

Adding stealth onto the pile of genres that makes up Joogle, hide in these alcoves to evade the hyper-intelligent spike walls that move back and foward.

I distinctly remember that this used to be a TRICK because it looked like there were both Joogle and Pilid doors in your way and where I'm standing there used to be fake blocks. That was changed and now it just looks stupid. Man what was wrong with <person who designed level>.

There's a fake wall I can't walk through invisible wall to the right. Not entirely sure why. It certainly does help to line up with that hole above, which is otherwise near-impossible with Pilid since he moves too many pixels, but why aren't they just visible then???


Eggs, hospitals within cracked blocks, and mayors, oh my! If you stomp that cracked block, it looks like you'll plummet into spikes since you can't stop a stomp, but there's actually an invisible block underneath. TRICKY TRICKY

I think this is one of the few places in the game where we addressed the Joogle/Pilid problem in conversations. Okay, well, we should have actually had changed lines depending on who you were, but anyway. Turns out this is the exit which leads back to that place where we sunk down and fought SS Belvice.

See? Also, nice not-wave underneath the block I'm on.

I could have sworn there was a deadly pit under the water, but it turns out we actually considered that.

I could watch it for hours. But we have other joogles.

YES I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS. Or I would have been if this were any game where items were worth buying.

So I guess this was our excuse for letting you go back to areas to get Star Eggs. Okay, whatever. I'm sure we only thought of this because there's a few that need the Water/Earth Key, not because we thought people would miss some.

Oops, was mentioning the Earth Key a spoiler?

Oh, I guess not. Back to the labs!

Oh right, the sewers. I actually honestly thought I could go do the Earth Key now, but then remembered that oh no, Joogle won't let you off that easy.

Mega Man 7 - Shade Man (Alternate) (AKA Ghosts and Goblins)

Almost 100% certain that gap in the spikes up there didn't exist until we added Hard Mode. Might have been some fake walls, too.

Here's the place where you actually need the Water Key. Certainly the most useful key of all. Where I am is about as low as you can get by just stomping. WELL MAYBE IF I STOMP HARDER

Looks like we couldn't resist fake walls everywhere. At least it's obvious there is one, though.

That bubble refills your Water Key, but I'm not sure why it exists. All you need the Water Key for is getting under those blocks on the far left - you can even go back without having to use it.


Oh, no, it's just this thing. It was originally resized using GM with so-called "excellent" quality. Obviously that makes it look MOST EXCELLENT!! ("Excellent" makes sprites fuzzy whereas "Poor" is pixel-perfect.) Also, it doesn't even have an explosion, it just instantly turns into coins.

The teleporter back is right under him. How did we in any way "save him"?

Also, underneath the teleporter is a Star Egg. The message for getting a Star Egg only appears after you land. So I grabbed it, rode the updraft back up, and checked the teleporter in midair...

"You found an egg!" "Nah."

Anyway, we go to Joogle Town (or City? I think the game calls it both) and talk to the friend of the guy we saved.

A key? Oh man, what kind of key?! Dunananana dunanana dunanana dunanana DUNANANA DUNANANA DUNANANADUNANANA -


...Wait, have I even shown off the inventory before now? Well, it's useless. Actually, even though you'd still never buy enough items for it to be useful, we probably gave you the inventory upgrade when we did because of all these idols and keys you have to get.

So, way back in Inhertz -

Oh man, you're serious. He has absolutely no check to disappear after clearing the lava to Fire Chamber. We are terrible.

So anyway, there's this area here.

Tada! No, I wasn't talking about finding this area, I was talking about that Blagon standing on spikes.

Mega Man 8 - Dr. Light

REVENGE. Now he shoots fire! And can double jump, but that might be a glitch.

Also, there was a Star Egg in the upper-right corner of his arena. If you stand there with the box open, he still jumps and shoots fire but the fire instantly stops moving because of the text box.

After pressing this switch, this guy who was trapped down here jumps down and jumps up to the exit, leaving behind this Air Idol.

Instead of leaving with him, we go further down and end up in Inhertz Supposedly-Secret. OH THE HUMOR

After taking the teleporter back to the start of Inhertz and slowly walking back to the ruins (at least that passage the guy took works as a shortcut), we fall really far because we're stupid, and our stupidity is, of course, rewarded!

And then you climb back up within fake blocks. Of course.

After walking across the first part of Inhertz one again, remember this guy? Me neither, but he has an idol for us.

I'm serious, I think this bubble effect might be the best effect in the game. Sigh. By the way, guess why this bubble needed to be put here!

He's seeing crates! He's got the Joogle!

So we To Not Steal the Gold and get our idol. Air, Fire, and Water Idols and a Skullaton Key! What could these possibly be for???


And he was right. It WORKED.

Rest assured, it has been rocked by the knowledge of what Joogle skeletons are like. Gross.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Toad Town

Yeah, so Surn teleported here from Inhertz to tell us that this door needs the three Idols to open. So why isn't there an Earth Idol? I dunno, lazy.

Colorful. See you next time in BOVOOS CITY...

Chapter 8