So anyway, I beat Mother Crow again. I really don't know how anyone missed that glitch.

After taking the teleporter to the base, we find her unconscious on top of that up arrow sign. After saving and reloading, she's doing okay again.

Belvice, you say? Caw... that name rings a bell. I wonder if he has anything to do with my stolen eggs?

And nothing else really happens. Well, back to Belvice.

Oh yeah, and you should play Base Attack Puzzle.

So, what extremely normal mission does Belvice want us to do now?


Video: This is what.
Joogle Dancing

After, uh... that, Belvice just tells us to go away. Well, now what? Let's talk to Mother Crow for some reason!

She's still looking for her stolen eggs (but not really, she hasn't moved at all), so she flies us NORTH OF FRAGATICE to find them.

Wait, how does she know they're here? Joogle, that's why.

Megaman Zero 3 - Snowfield

Orange jump blocks disappear after being used. Not at all exactly like Jumper. Actually, that's right, this isn't nearly as fun.

These ball-and-chains vgperson just made are really cool, and we all know using really cool stuff constantly is what makes a really cool level.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, use this thing that's otherwise only used once in a secret room that's impossible to find.

The second area isn't very interesting either. Its pause screen name is "Norther of Fragatice." I guess it has more random bouncing buckets. I mean, those are wacky, right?

Hey, eggs. They just kind of fade out when you touch them. Mission complete!

Oh, Mother Crow. However, it turns out this isn't all of her eggs. I knew I couldn't trust that random pile of eggs next to spikes.

Yeah. Anyway, Mother Crow decides enough is enough, she's had it with Belvice's base in Fragatice.

Wait, why does Belvice has a base in Fragatice?

Final Fantasy 5 - The Four Warriors of Dawn

Three characteristics of Belvice's base: lasers. (See above.) Falling blue blocks. (See above, or any Jumper game.) Instant death red spikes. (Seen in many disguises in I Wanna Be the Guy.)

Also, more weird looking Air Chamber fans, random bouncing buckets, and homing crows. Yeah, Mitch made this level.

And this. And we're only in the first area of three!

What the heck is this thing? Let's shoot it with fire.

Massive base battles that are only possible with the power of the Playjoogle 3.

Two things before we go to the second area: one, pit of coins. Two, a fricking frozen Jumper Community Project reference. At least, I think that's what that is.

Belvice isn't very good at facing his missiles the right way. How exactly are they just floating here, anyway? Well, it blows up another building. I THINK you need to blow up all the buildings to proceed to the next area. There's no way I'm bothering to check.

Truly, this is the Jumper Sector 3-4 of Joogle.

This switch opens up a path earlier to a Star Egg. But that's not important. What's important is that if you stand there while the "you pressed a switch" message is up, the ball-and-chain can reach you and hurt you. After all the time I spent making the enemies come to an unnatural halt while text boxes are up, I forgot about these things.

This is the only room in the entire game that wants you to be Pilid the whole time. Is that good?

No, not really. This room is entirely flat and boring except Mitch threw a billion enemies down here that you have to run through without dying. I guess it's less boring than killing them all with Joogle.

Okay, so I was right. It's kind of trivial in this area, though, since those two missiles in the screenshot are the only ones in the area. But who wouldn't want to see that sweet missile animation two more times?

Great, now we're INSIDE the base. According to the music names, it's supposed to be "Fragatice Jail," but it's not for some reason.

Metroid Fusion - Sector 5 Revisited

Acid! Why does Belvice have acid in his base? Man, I don't know.

I lied about the 3-4 thing. This section is entirely too long.

These red spikes used to just do a ton of damage and send you back to the last solid platform you were on, but the blue blocks screwed that up (checking what kind of block you're on? way too hard), so now they're just instant death.

What's with this random cracked block? Let's pound it with Pilid. HEY FAKE BLOCKS HEY A STAR EGG.

Except now I'm trapped. At least there's a save right before this.

There's a lot of character switching in this room, but it's just to force you into taking a longer path. Also, that Gunner is shooting me through the door, what the hell.

These crows are perfectly still. It's really very creepy. When we pound the blocks, they just fly off in random directions.

And finally, this hallway takes us back to Fragatice Village somehow. The gate at the end is open for some reason. I think we know what that means.

Ristar - Crazy Kings

Since this is the coolest boss in the game, Chu actually made a clay model of it, just like the classic MOTHER 2 (Mazaa 2). But all images of it have vanished from the internet, so it exists only in our hearts.

Next time: maybe the worst level in the game? Probably not, but it's pretty bad.

Chapter 7