Well, I lied about the delay. I got really bored and decided I could either make a Joogle update or a Riviera update. So I rolled my 100-sided die five times and got five zeroes, which means Joogle update.

First of all, something I forgot last time: the original Fire Snake music, found on purezc.com. We were using this for AGES before someone, probably Chu, changed it to Dogadon. Keep that in mind as you listen to it.

Music: rexlaninetales - Fire March - Theme of LilTim

From the purezc page I had to search for to find the composer: "Credits: Mario Paint. I replicated this song from when I created it back in Mario Paint."

Second and third, two things Chu forgot to put back in the first update.

Title screen: Music: Donkey Kong 94 - World 1
Tutorial: Music: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Neo Star Stage 2

Now, on to Chapter 3!


In a move that surprises no one, this banner has nothing to do with anything. This is an ice level, not a water level.


Music: Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time

Fragatice Village has some intensely-sprited huts where penguins live. Also, it's icy, you can tell that's ice because it's white and transparent.

Since Chu made this area, it has a bunch of NPCs. Since this is Joogle, they make dumb jokes.

Joogle Joogle Joogle

Hey, wait! Barely-visible cracked blocks?! We've gotta slam those.



This is Fragatice Secret, which has Music: Flash Man's music. It also has a terrible-looking scrolling background, crows that fly around in circles, and black death eggs that fall from the sky.


A LOT of BOUNCING black death eggs. You have to survive a while and then the very out-of-place Air Chamber blocks randomly fade out so you can get the Star Egg and get out. Pretty dumb, huh?


Well, it used to be worse. With this music, even. And the name when you paused was "fR4gt1$e \/i11AGE."

Fragatice Village was all Chu, Fragatice Secret was all me, and THIS was all Mitch. And Mitch was the project leader. It sums up Joogle pretty well, really.

Back to the final version, we reach the right end of the village and talk to the mayor.


Water Key? Why, sure, you can have it! It's right here behind this old gate. Let me get my gate key. I hope I didn't lose it to those scaly creatures.
It's locked up in Spealburg[?]vg's Historical Notes: You better believe this name came from an in-joke Mitch quote: "ABANDOND SHIP!!! We ARE GOING TO HIT A SPEALBURG", the world's largest iceberg. You better have a Firaga spell or something.
Ah, here's the gate key! With this, I shall open the gate, and the overdone* "item of power" dealie will be yours!
Yes, here we go! I will open it!
AND IT'S OPEN! Wow, I'm glad that wasn't interrupted by something dangerous!
Wait a minute... did you hear that? There's something coming from the other side of the gate!
Who could it possibly be? I'm gonna go check it out.

* Originally "cliché," but either Courier didn't have an accented e or Game Maker didn't like it, apparently.

That sure was an exciting cutscene I had to transcribe, let's do it again.


Taking over, you old penguin! Fragatice Village is mine!
Not if I can stop it! I can take you down!
Heh... unlikely.
He's out of the way for now, but I'll deal with him later.
Hmmph... Joogle. (actually it's pilid thanks)
But I can't let you stop me now! Not when I'm so close to the Water Key!
Off with you!


Well, that wasn't so bad! We landed in SNOWY FOREST.

Music: Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Sand Canyon 1

The penguin here helpfully informs us that during the interval in which we were flying, the ice cold Belvice brainwashed all the other penguins. He was chillin' out here, though, so he's cool.


Around Chapter 3, Chu started trying to (emphasis on that) make Joogle more of a platformer instead of a boring RPG consisting of fetch quests. So this is the first level with these jump blocks that are absolutely not used in Jumper.


With all the fake block Star Eggs, I wonder if we expected people to buy Fake Vision or to just jump into walls a lot.


Here's some more crows that move in circles and moving spikes. Fun JoogleFact: the circling crows use paths. Hi-technical!


These crows follow you. Chu completely regrets ever adding these, and you'll soon see why. Also, there was a second one, but I got too far away from it and it flew off into the sky.


After a bunch more jumping, the level concludes with an INTENSE UPDRAFT THROUGH CIRCLING CROWS. Then we're back in Fragatice Village.


Music: Chrono Trigger/VGMusic.com - Zeal (F-Zero Remix)

For being on fire (particles), these huts are still pretty icy.


Could it be that the mayor ISN'T a peasant penguin? But he looked pretty much like all the other penguins when we saw him.


What. How did all this happen in such a short time, anyway? If we were unconscious for a long time, there should have been SOMETHING between getting blasted and waking up in the forest, right? No joogle.

Since we're stupid, we talk to mayor Belvice anyway and he tells us this is all probably Mother Crow's fault. So we should climb Fragatice Heights and kill her. We don't have much else to do and we've already established a hatred of crows, so let's go.



(Also, still Sand Canyon music. Which fits ice levels better than the name would imply.)


I think that one day, Mitch asked me to sprite some frozen things to randomly place in Fragatice areas. So I was like... "BRILLIANT."


This used to say "Hi, I'm Pixel." Chu actually made this level vertical because Outer Wall from Cave Story was cool. Yep.

He tells us that we should come back with the Earth Key. Oh boy.


Another JoogleFact: once frozen, signs are unreadable.


I'm not sure why there are gray factory blocks below these ice blocks. I'm thinking it went along the lines of "Floating ice blocks? Ridiculous. Hold them up with some floating factory blocks."


Bouncing buckets. Yes, there are really evil buckets in this game. I don't know why they're up here, though.


Finally, right under Mother Crow's really empty nest, there's a broken sign that you're supposed to realize means there's a Star Egg over here. Joogle intuition?


She has Galfio's SMRPG boss music and a lot of health, which makes her one bad mother - shut yo' Joogle! I'm just talking about Mother Crow! Then we can fire the Fire Key at her a lot whenever she swoops down!

Interestingly (not really), a bunch of feather particles fly out whenever you shoot her. None of the other bosses really have a hurt effect, so yeah.

Also, you can shoot the eggs she drops. And they explode into black particles. Joogle is a heartless baby murderer.


And then she dies in a way that's probably supposed to reference Monster X, except Monster X was way, way harder than Mother Crow.


And since I was on the wrong side of the screen when Mother Crow died, the blocks over here didn't currently "exist." Which means they weren't changed into the blocks that fade out and disappear.


Hey don't blame Fragatice Heights on me. It was all you and Mitch's fault:

February 03, 2006
[12:40:30 AM] Mitchell : one of the mission will require you to climb a cliff with tons of those black birds in a platform level thats similer to outer wall in CS. Then at the top you get into a big nest and fight mother crow

February 04, 2006
[08:57:21 PM] vgperson: there is an npc in mitch's fragatice heights
[08:57:32 PM] vgperson: i convinced him to make it into a cat
[08:57:36 PM] vgperson: who built the wall
[08:57:59 PM] Mitchell: the cat's name is pizel
[08:58:02 PM] Mitchell: pixel*

I guess we were too lazy to sprite a cat though.

More Chatlogs In The Joogle Years™:

January 07, 2006
[09:57:26 PM] M!tchell: Fregtiee Ice City
Fregtiee Icicle Manor/Teleportation Station
The City’s Icy Core (Water Power)

January 19, 2006
[07:08:22 PM] Chuchino: and then you land in a snowy forest and when you get back to the village, the penguin mayor has been replaced and the penguins think he got eaten by a pig, but he actually got transformed into a pig by belvice

January 22, 2006
[06:16:22 PM] Mitchell: this is the last thing belvice says in the cutscene
[06:16:22 PM] Mitchell: with Joogle_firetut_o
show_message("Your strong joogle, but my evil plans have only just begun! Meat me in fragatice village you little worm. Then we will see who's power is stronger")

April 09, 2006
[12:59:35 AM] vgperson: well i am making fragsecret much much better

April 18, 2006
[05:55:23 PM] Dabomstew: so mitch did you really abandon joogle >_<
[05:55:27 PM] Mitchell: ye
[05:55:27 PM] Mitchell: s
[05:55:29 PM] Mitchell: yes*
[05:55:31 PM] Mitchell: yes I did
[05:55:41 PM] Mitchell: it will never get finished
[05:55:42 PM] Mitchell: it
[05:55:45 PM] Mitchell: sucks
[05:55:49 PM] Mitchell: it's too easy
[05:55:51 PM] Mitchell: too slow
[05:55:55 PM] Mitchell: too bugy
[05:55:59 PM] Mitchell: too EVERYTHING

April 29, 2006
[05:44:49 PM] Chuchino: jwoole is now joogle's new name
[05:45:00 PM] Chuchino: i will proceed to change all the object names and dialog
[05:45:14 PM] Mitchell: bwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
[05:45:17 PM] Mitchell ~Beware the light, oh sorry... thats just my torch~ has left the conversation.

Chapter 6