Let's Play Golden Sun The Lost Age: Chapter 4 + 5

Way back in Daila we can get the Sea God's Tear because we have Frost. Cool. Now we go back to the cave with the kids who were incapable of throwing a rope to each other.

We get further into it because of Frost and find this thing. Gee, I wonder.

INSERT ABOUT TEN MINUTES OF ME REALIZING I NEVER ACTUALLY TOOK THE TEAR AND HAVING TO GO THROUGH THE CAVE AGAIN. What. I blame the internet for making me take a screenshot that wasn't me taking the tear.

The statue rises us up here where we get the Right Prong. Yes, I did get the Right Prong. Then we go east to the edge of the world where we enter the Water Temple Aqua Rock. And I'm pretty sure it will take just as long as Air's Rock. :<

First, though, we have to go to Apogee Village and Douse this giant Joogle to MAKE IT RAIN. This clears the path in Aqua Rock for no particular reason.

Aqua Rock defies all tradition and encourages you to avoid waterfalls, not look behind them.

Felix haet falling. What we're supposed to do is block this Gradius guy with a log. Oh, log, what can't you do?

After Dousing another giant Joogle to play the Song of Storms, this waterfall starts flowing up. Yes.

Another Joogle forms a whirlpool in the center here. Nothing bad can come of jumping directly into it.


Uh... oh. (These paths are incredibly jittery in motion.)


Good worst nightmare, you look kind of easy.

Aquarius Stone.

Well, AAAAD could walk on water, so...

Th'art was easy. We get Parch which lets us destroy water. Cool.

Now we go to the South Pole (except it's not really a pole because the world is flat, wake up sheeple) and enter Tunthardus Tower.

Okay, good, Felix isn't secretly a vampire.

Ice puzzles. The staple of an ice dungeon.

Jenny is now the Bomb Bomber Bombest. Burst lets us break cracked things. We sure haven't seen anything like that!

Actually, the mirror just led to some chests. The real reason we needed Burst was to break this ice that had the Center Prong in it that I didn't show you before. Now to go to a somewhat Japan-like island in the "northeast hemisphere" of our flat world!

You're kidding. I'm not getting paid... well, at all for this.

Using Whirlwind on these vines makes Felix do this. It automatically makes this better than Air's Rock and Aqua Rock.

Well, this looks perfectly safe, right?

WRONG, Moai pops out of the wall. This happens a few more times but at least you can pretty clearly see where they're hiding.

What the hell is that wriggling piece of... uh, clay? We go back to the base and go inside and place it on a pedestal to move some demon heads.

I Whirlwinded some weeds and they turned into floating moving platforms. What.

What kind of spider keeps its giant web supported by easily-disposed-of weeds? And builds an altar on it? Well, an incredibly convenient one, of course.

Well, duh. Serpents aren't dragons. We beat it for him but since he's trying to be cool he turns the dragon to stone or something before we can actually kill it.

Felix's hobby is counting sand, which is why he gets this.

Unfortunately, Mind Reading this guy doesn't get us "I'm dying..."

We went into some ruins near Champa. They were very ruinous and had a bunch of empty chests and dead ends and pushing parts of face statues. And also we used Sand to melt into sand.

I went back to Ankhl ruins to get my friking Power Bread.

After a lot of sand melting and statues belching out sand, we reach the Left Prong, which is so goddamn shiny Felix can't even look at it.

Well, we finally got all three trident pieces! Now what? Now we have to do even more to get to Lemuria.

Chapter 5 + 5