Let's Play Golden Sun The Lost Age: Chapter 5 + 5

Remember that ship with the no-good mast? We've gotta clear all that junk that is nowhere near a trunk.

But first we go to Champa. There's not much there, but when we try to leave, Alex comes out. He has some pretty evil music, but I'm pretty sure Mirandi 2's was more evil. Of course they could be exactly the same. Speaking of which Mirandi 2 is here too.

Also Agatio. So Alex has pretty much just replaced both Ricardo and Mirandi. Great. After some arguing about who deserted who, Alex says that Ricardo and Mirandi were too stupid to solve the lighthouse puzzles on their own. So, what, they used GameFAQs? Because they still beat us.

Exactly. Also Alex tells us that Babby is dead. Aw man, this is why we need to do way instain mother. But how is Babby killed? Alex doesn't want to tell us for some reason.

Unfortunately, no one listens to Piers, so Alex doesn't tell us anything.

This is probably why no one listens to Piers. He doesn't want anyone talking about him in the past tense!

Apparently Kraden has a reason for researching stuff besides Babby asking him to. He won't tell anyone what it is, but he's apparently talked about it with Felix. Wait what when did this happen?

We get no explanation. Freakin' Kraden. Anyway we go to Alfrafa for real and get all the junk off the mast. The important thing being that we need Burst to get rid of a cracked rock.

Oh yes. The screen scrolls up and suddenly Chaucha and Eoleo are standing right next to me. Don't scare me like that. The mayor comes and is impressed and we talk with him for a while UNTIL.

No one saw that one coming. We go back to the docks and...

Captain Briggs.

The King of Limbo. (He's shaking his head really fast while he says this.)

And the mayor, Huge King of Jerk Mountain. We follow Briggs to Champa.

Everyone in Champa is terrified of us. That's the mark of a great hero.

Briggs ran to his (grand)mommy who doesn't really think us to be the great warrior type. We won't leave, so she summons a fire demon. Brilliant!

After we beat it we tell grandmommy that Briggs is a pirate and she realizes she's been lied to and chases him around the giant circular pit. Eventually Briggs is forgiven. And will probably never show up again. Awww.

No, really, there's almost no way. If there were you can bet I would have an image of Briggs showing up again with "neener neener neener" under it.

Grandmommy is very observant. We give her the trident pieces and she tosses them into the pit. Um. Suddenly it fills with magma and BAM, trident.

Lakitu. You can see the strings. So we finally get the trident with which we can kill Poseidon, who I'm pretty sure we'd only know about if we already went through the Sea of Time.

Speaking of which.

This is one of the most annoying dungeons in the game, as if you go the wrong way, you're likely to get stuck and carried on inescapable currents back to the overworld. You even have to circle around random stumps sometimes to open the correct path. I don't know how anyone did this without heavy use of savestates.

the joke is that there are kids somewhere who explain the path to take but if you're just reading this lp you would have no idea because i left it out so uh

Unexaggerated hours later. Oh hey dude. Poseidon doesn't take any damage until we raise the trident, so yeah.

Wait, I go through all this effort and Lemuria is a WATERY CAVE? This sucks.

We can tell these Lemurians are clever. They set up a brilliant trap of a goddess statue that must be Pushed to proceed. Unbeatable security.

These guards are all like "if you killed Poseidon you're too dangerous to enter Lemuria even though there's clearly no other way to get in." And King Hydros sounds like kind of a jerk. Piers makes himself useful and manages to make the guards stop hating us.

Kraden is stupidly amazed by Lemuria and Piers is like "yeah well it was better before but then you jerks polluted - wait never mind we actually don't know why it's declining." Also politics.

Piers meets with his uncle and HIS MOM IS DEAD HA HA. While Piers is outside crying, uncly writes a letter to a guy named Lunpa which he sends by bird. Well, that's nice.

We talk with Lunpa about the town of Lunpa and how Dodonpachi is curtain fire shooting game, I mean kind of evil. But we don't really care. What we do (sort of) care about is Kraden's reason for questing. He thinks that the seal on ULTIMATE PSYCHIC POWERS is causing civilization to decline because hey, we certainly aren't seeing AAAAD and Gary building giant lighthouses. We want to go talk to the king about this.

Oh and Lunpa rams into this door. It's pretty awesome.

In the throne room they compare a map of like 150 years ago and a map of the present, and realize the continents are shrinking. See? Global warming. I was close. Convervatio is stupid and thinks that we're going to destroy the world if we light the other beacons, so he bans Piers from Potos forever. Yeah, that'll show him. Lunpa gives us Grind, which... look, you can make your own RPG joke. It's used to grind rocks.

On the way out of Lemuria, everyone wants to know Piers's real age. He probably just lost count but is too ashamed to admit it.

Felix is the best character? I'm really not sure anymore. So with Grind we can finally take out the SINGLE boulder blocking the way to the western ocean, AKA Golden Sun 1 Land.

No... no, not yet.

It seems no one told you that Felix Cat is in town. He IS the law.

We find the chief and show him the Shaman's Rod. Don't even ask how anyone would figure this out. Apparently it's their property, not Hammet's. Whoops. We want a jade of some sort but we need to pass a test. Seriously where did all this come from?

However the test is just using Whirlwind on one of those big tornados from Air's Rock. Geez. But apparently that was just a test to take the test. GEEZ. Also they don't particularly like Sheba being a chosen hero.

The chief explains the rules, and man, Felix is on a roll with actually talking.

So we had a race thing and this happened. Still don't know why I need this.

Oh yes.

Well, I think every reason not to light the beacons went down the drain.

Wait. Wait a minute. We're doing that right now?

Oh friiiiiiiiii

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