Let's Play Golden Sun The Lost Age: Chapter 6 + 5

Remember that Hover Jade we got for seemingly no reason? Well, we can use Hover on these purple things to, well, hover. I'm sure I'd figure these things out eventually if I talked to people, but still, I'm really glad I have the experts to help me out.

Inside the lighthouse, we get more of these. Because these are always cool.

By the way, we have to use Cyclone a lot to go up and down holes. Only upon seeing this to be the theme of the dungeon did I realize the lighthouses are elementally themed. The first two, not very well.

The plug of the GODS.

That Medusa head is shooting tornados. Tornados we must dodge.

Felix is just too cool to walk on your weak floors.

Hardest puzzle ever. This archer guy is goddess-electricity-powered and shoots an arrow at the left goddess statue holding that plug. What a jerk, right?

Kicking reason to the curb, let's Hover into this extremely dangerous-looking beam. Great idea. But it actually takes us up a level.

Ow. What is this, Jumper 1?

There, now we can bring about three-fourths of the end of the world. Halfway through the game, guys!

Who are these guys? New characters?

Not like I know these guys or anything, but it seems very odd that this orange-haired guy is talking. Somehow. Karshie and Adante show up and these new guys haven't seen them before.

See, AAAAD didn't talk for a reason: he's the smartest person in the game because he's capable of recognizing things only the player does. AAAAD and Ivan fight Karshie and Adante while no one notices we're down below listening to them.

Oh, hey, AAAAD. I know we're supposed to be mortal enemies and all, but could you raise the bridge for me? Just quit battling for a second and hit that switch a couple feet away from you? That would be nice.

Screw you, AAAAD. (It isn't that hard to get around to that side, but still.)

Wait, even with INFINITE HP Ivan died? Good thing I don't have to fight them, right guys? After AAAAD and Ivan lose we show up to help them.

With a smile, even. But they're too weak to fight us right now. Also we take the Mars Star that AAAAD had all last game.

Felix and Piers light the lighthouse. Unfortunately, the star just sort of hovers in. Disappointing.

Did no one tell the guy who sprited the yes/no faces what the story was like? Not that I'm complaining. Anyway, the Mars Lighthouse is apparently in their hometown, Prox, which is why Felix is useless now. Karshie just kind of runs into Felix and steals the star.

Oh, and apparently they weren't too weak to fight. Huh. In the middle of the battle, Jenny comes to help. Okay.

And then Sheba.

And then Kraden. Oh, wait.

We're about to kill them but they tell us that Jenny's parents will die if they don't come back to Prox. You know, the kidnapping of Jenny's parents has been mentioned a bunch of times, but like any good LPer, I missed where that was mentioned entirely so I'm really not sure what's going on there. So Alex comes in and revives them, what a jerk.

Missed you too, Gary.

Nice crater. We go and have an exposition party with Team AAAAD.

Hamma shows up and reveals she's Ivan's... sister. Man, close enough. She looks pretty old to me. Anyway, to the ship!

Oh, right. Random people gave our ship wings for no reason. Fine by me. Unfortunately, all we can do is use Hover to go slightly higher over rocks, but it's still kind of cool.

Sheba whines about how she thought she would find answers at Jupiter Lighthouse since all she knows is that she fell from the sky one day. And apparently, Kraden doesn't know where he came from either. The twist is they're all dogs or something.

We go to Loho and they have a cannon to blow up the giant ice wall keeping us from going to Mars Lighthouse. But no cannon ammunition. And where do you get cannon ammunition?

Yes... yes, now.

Magma Rock has a bunch of Gradius heads like Air's Rock, but these ones shoot fire when you use Burst on them.

Alternatively, hold up platforms with magma jets.

These guys are playing Pong. With fireballs.

Belching out lava, etc. There are like five million sections where you have to fill and drain a series of rooms of lava and push stuff until you can eventually go down to the next floor.

Now you're blazing with fire.

I've got balls of magma. There. Now I'll never have to do a "Rock" dungeon ever again.

We go to Loho and all they care about is blowing up a wall, so after that happens they put the cannon on our ship. So we just fire at Mars Lighthouse a bunch of times and we win the game, right?

Truly the Northern Seas are full of mystery.

I sure do trust these guys with my parents.

On the other hand, I'm not sure if the world should be trusting me.

Well, guess we're doing this.

1. Ice walls (Grind ice on the above floor to crack a lower ice wall for Bursting, spit a <4> at an ice wall to crack it, free two Flame Dragons from one, oops)
2. Sliding ice puzzles (combined with a standard jumping puzzle once)
3. Dragon flame jets (block flames with statues, race one moving along a track before it lights a torch to create a <4>)
4. Giant fireballs (dodge by Pounding stakes and hiding in their alcoves, dodge by being fast because the fireball is fast too)
5. Teleport circles (run into about three of these before getting the appropriate psychic power, teleport RIGHT INTO a <4> until you block the <3> triggering it with a statue)

So those two Flame Dragons turn out to be Karshie and Adante. Hmm, how suspicious that they should be turned into dragons. But yeah we get the Mars Star which we kind of need. We put it in a dragon's mouth and suddenly the lighthouse actually turns lava-y.

Those four spirits being Trogdor, a whale, the Sand Bird, and Cactuar.

Cactuar: Carry those things into the holes, then push the other one across them to block the fire jet. Because AAAAD has Carry. Then dodge flame jets by Sanding under them.

Trogdor: Blast some walls, hop over some lava. Light this dragon's torch to shoot a <4>. In the next room, pipe puzzle with fire. What.

Whale: <2>. Pipe puzzle with Frost pillars to light a torch. Blaze torch onto <3> to light dragon to spit a <4>. <2> changes drastically as a result. (Whoops, forgot to screenshot. There wasn't really a good one.)

Sand Bird: Cyclone hole maze, blocking a <3> with a pillar, some Hovering. Revealing a platform before getting blasted by a <4>.

We are prepared for the heavens. And at the top of Mars Lighthouse, we find...

Way to ruin a dramatic moment, Kraden. And even at the very, very end of the game, AAAAD has to explain what happened after everyone else left Sol Sanctum. Just one last time.

Wiseguy tells us that we have FAILED HIM by lighting the lighthouses. There's also one thing about lighting the lighthouses no one mentioned, but Alex, being the jerk he is, does.

Man, why does that sound somehow familiar? Anyway, Alex is going to get infinite power if we light the lighthouse. But we figure if Wiseguy is so tough, he can stop him himself.

However, he doesn't want to interfere with humans for some reason. So then we outsmart him and say he shouldn't be allowed to stop us from lighting the beacon, then. Wiseguy pulls some lame comeback that if a "miracle" just HAPPENED to appear it wouldn't be his fault, right?

And suddenly a giant dragon appears.

Pfft, listening to Kraden? No way.

Halfway point boss!

YEAH. We beat that dragon so hard we decapitated all three of its heads.

Uh... hey, wait. Who are these guys?

Yeah, he took away my awesome decapitated dragon heads. Who are these guys?

...Oh. And the other two are Jenny's parents.

Sucks for them, I guess.

Geez, you don't need to tell me to do everything, Kraden.

Apparently some kids at Mercury Lighthouse are talking psychically with us. Cool. Wiseguy seems to have told everybody to stay away from the lighthouses and Mt. Aleph. That sounds bad. I mean, aren't we near a lighthouse?

The Golden Sun starts forming or something, so we definitely need to get out of here.

Yeah, Gary, you're weird. We make it out okay, though.

Back in Prox everybody is fine and apparently everybody's parents recovered because of the beacon being lit. We're worried about the people of Vale getting, you know, killed, so we head there.

Oh, and Kraden gets all metaphorical about why Wiseguy had us fight Doom Dragon.

Yeah, shut up, Kraden.

Wait, has Alex been climbing the entire time since we saw him at Jupiter Lighthouse? Mt. Aleph must be REALLY tall.

Get ready, he's about to transform into the final boss of Golden Sun 3.

Haha, not. Wiseguy comes to set him straight.


So we're back at Vale, and...

Yeah, good luck with that, Jenny.


That amazing twist aside, turns out everyone's okay.

Kraden explained this earlier but I skipped over it. So these guys were really jumping to conclusions.

Well. That was fun.

But now... I'm not so sure I've played enough GBA RPGs for the internet.

Yeah, who am I kidding, screw that, this took way too long.