Let's Play Golden Sun The Lost Age: Chapter 3 + 5

So apparently I couldn't get back up that sand waterfall. But I COULD do a huge loop on the overworld to get to the other side of the desert. Okay.

Kraden's response to this, of course, is "OLD MAN?!... WAIT WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT THE KIBOMBO?" Apparently all they stole was a black orb. Uh oh? Apparently Piers left to chase the Kibombo, so we have to find him.

Hey, it's that... whoops, I keep reusing jokes. But even that reused joke is better than this one.

Gotta love the solidity of water jets.


You're not a witch doctor, you wouldn't understand.

This single text box actually summarizes the conversation pretty well. That's most likely a bad sign, Golden Sun writers. Oh wait, they also mention THE STRANGE ONE who's obviously Piers. We can't go up this way so we take an entire alternate path by pushing logs that just so happens to lead around all the guards. Wow.

Oh, you're kidding. Yes, this dog kicks us out too. We actually have to climb up and push a log to block the dog's path. Fortunately, if you happen to drop the log RIGHT ON THE DOG, it'll get pushed out of the way. No That Dogs were harmed in the making of this LP.

The overworld actually gets darker when you get close to Kibombo. Foreboding!

It's a better hint than "dig here, you dig?" at least.

Okay. Do I care? Also no, no one comments on the clearly visible Black Orb there.

Oh hi Piers. Do you know why we're interested in this, either?

Hyakafu raises the Black Orb with Lift so it turns out he's an Adept. Piers suddenly feels the need to spring into action. We move a log for him and have the standard Adept explanation conversation, except Piers is apparently from Lemuria. You know, that place AAAAD and Gary are busy partying at while we're lighting lighthouses.

Apparently Lemuria is a perfect place where psychic powers run free and you can drink soup right out of the ashtray if you wanna. We also talk about how Babby stole a Lemurian ship so Piers doesn't really like him. And also Lemuria is surrounded by crazy currents so you pretty much need a Lemurian ship to get there.

How direct of you, Kraden. Since this is Kraden we're talking about, it's a "but thou must," but it's not funny like the Djinn thing since there's only one response. Apparently there's an entrance to the statue somewhere and we Scoop to find it.

This place would be slightly cooler looking if the moving parts weren't so out of place. Above this screen is a gear with a Lash post on it and if we time our Lash it stops the gear and all the other stuff in the room. That's pretty neat.

We also have to hop onto gears a couple of times. After Pounding some stakes we put a gear in place that reverses some of the stuff, which lets us get to the top.

Apparently every time the witch doctor guy shows the statue the orb, electricity (ala the goddess electricity in Venus Lighthouse) appears and follows a path, but the path is broken for some reason. We decide to fix it so that when the ceremony succeeds, we can take back the orb.

There's a stake at the top that, when Pounded, makes all the sections pop out. There's tiles that rotate all the sections not Pounded in. It's pretty easy but I remember having stupid amounts of trouble with it my first time. Also it's kind of annoying because the intervals at which he tries again are timed, although it doesn't reset your progress or anything.

The orb enters the statue, but so does witchy. The orb rolls into a hole and witchy yells at us, although Jenny explains the previous puzzle to him. He leads us into a secret room.

Danhyakufu is told by a mystery voice that he's the witch doctor so he runs off before he can get this magic chest. We figure we should get the magic since we're cooler, but the voice tells us that we should try to convince Danmaku to stop being selfish, because then he'll actually be worthy of getting the magic.

OH FRICK, it's Menardi's sister. I mean, Mirandi's sister. Sorry, I was so surprised that I used her real name. I mean, maybe I should be a little more respectful now that she's dead.

She's possibly the least lame character we've met so far.

We have a conversation in the mayor's house that basically amounts to "yeah we're awesome, let's go to Lemuria." The mayor also gives us the Cyclone Chip. Suddenly, Mirandi's sister hears Felix's name, and...

The most evil music in the world starts playing here. Mirandi 2 talks some extremely threatening talk about killing AAAAD and how we can't do anything about it

I'm telling you, Sheba is EXACTLY like Ivan.

Oh, Golden Sun, always with the high-tech graphics. No, seriously, they couldn't think of ANY better way to illustrate blushing?

Turns out this ship we found near the beginning of the game was Piers's. We go below decks and defeat Aqua Jellies that melt into puddles when defeated. Awesome.

When you walk into this room and see the Aqua Jellies, you will say "ow." We actually do have to kill a bunch of Aqua Jellies in some rooms so we can Frost them. Since Piers has Frost.

And it turns out that when we get to the lower level of the room in that screenshot, all the Aqua Jellies combine into an AQUA HYDRA. And when it dies, it floods the room. Cool.

Oh, that Piers. We set sail and Jenny is all like "let's go back to Vale, no wait let's go back to Laliviero," but those are ideas so terrible that even Kraden shoots them down.

Kraden: Think about the roads we've traveled to get this far...

Oh, that Sheba. Anyway, for various reasons we can't go back to either of those places. So now we have a ship we can drive around the world map. Naturally the first thing we do is go back to Kibombo. I'm not sure if it's Golden Sun or THE EXPERTS who aren't making sense here.

We go into the catacombs below the statue and learn that Cyclone can be used to clear weeds. Man, I wish Cyclone existed in Animal Crossing. Oh yeah and weeds are capable of hiding both holes that we get can sucked down and Frost puddles.

We get the magic intended for Danmakufu. Yes, it's really called that. It apparently just changes your class, which I'm not even aware of the mechanics of. So screw you, the experts, that was in no way required.

Even though we're not really told this at all, and I'm sure I'd figure it out if I wandered long enough, we have to get three parts of a trident to get to Lemuria. We don't have any. You know what that calls for.

Chapter 4 + 5