Hey, so, funny thing.

After finishing up Golden Sun, I looked into some things.

Apparently, they DID make another Golden Sun game. I spend hours searching for "Golden Sun 2," but as it turns out...

So, I guess this is a prequel or something?

Let's Play Golden Sun The Lost Age: Chapter 1 + 5

Um... well...

...Curse you, continuity!

Why, that would just be silly. You know. How I deleted everything about the other game from my hard drive. Accidentally.

OH MY. Where did this image come from? I'm certain it won't contain anything from my old playthrough. Why, it may just cause a time paradox.

Oh well.

That's a stupid name. But hey, we're kids running around with psychic powers, so this place IS kind of Wey-ard!

Okay I'll never do that again. This whole scene summarizes Golden Sun even better than I did, which is pretty impressive. Let's just hope they keep to that same standard in the actual game.

The title screen animation plays again, just like in Golden Sun, but this time the title doesn't actually appear! Crazy.

Felix somehow is behind a bunch of electricity we couldn't get through as AAAAD and is solving a really simple puzzle. He goes upstairs but Jenny and Kraden go the other way. Alex appears and they talk about how they could probably convince AAAAD to stop fighting them and why Alex wants to light beacons and etc.

JENNY DON'T BE MY MAIN CHARACTER? I already made that joke and it shows. Also I missed the screen where it says "Venus Lighthouse" but if I hadn't I would have made a joke about how we're halfway through the game, wait, that's not right.

Outside of the lighthouse we get ambushed by a bunch of guards. Alex steps forward and throws them into the sky, one by one, using jets of water.

No, really. The townspeople run away and Alex intimidates the remaining guards all the way off the screen. We go west and find a guy who notices we're alone.

Something's wrong with this screen. Can you tell what it is?

That's right, Kraden's not there. Weird bug.

Kraden still isn't in this one. Yet, somehow, it feels more right.


Yeah. Punch Ant. And apparently it's a boss. We go outside and Kraden jumps into a wrecked ship. But it's missing something:

Truly, Kraden's wisdom falters more than a few miles from Vale.

The beacon gets lit and the peninsula splits off. Again. Also, note how two of them are lying down and floating above the ground. That's psychic powers for you.

Go back and read the epilogue scene from last chapter. Because it's exactly the same.

And after THAT, it shows the title screen, with no animation before it. Huh. Well.

Everyone spends a while talking about how Felix is one crazy guy for jumping after Sheba and how they swam to the floating continent.

It is land! An is-land!

Felix is ever-charismatic. As soon as he says this a really loud water rushing sound replaces the music.

Earthquakes cause tidal waves. Who would have guessed. Kraden is trying to run away really slowly but to no avail because he's old.

What kind of question is that? I say yes and Felix waggles his arms.

Oh, you.

We go around the island and found out that we crashed into the mainland and also Alex is gone. Sheba is like "IT'S YOU AND ME THIS QUEST IS MY DESTINY." Also we need her because she's wind elemental and we want to light the wind elemental lighthouse. Okay.

It's also mentioned that Sheba can read minds, which I also skipped over in the scene before AAAAD fought Ricardo and Mirandi. You know what that means.

They just couldn't leave Ivan completely behind.

I skipped your tutorial last game. So, not really. But I said yes anyway.

I'm pretty sure Golden Sun The Lost Age has considerably more humorous sequences than the original. This is one of them.

Felix: No.
Echo: Oh, come on! I promise I won't be a burdern and eat all your chips or anything!
Felix: No.
Echo: But if I'm with you, you'll be all kinds of strong!
Felix: No.
Echo: Wait, that's not it... there's more! Your allies will develop
exciting new abilities!
Felix: No.
Echo: And I'll be your best friend ever in combat! I'll be all over the bad guys, I promise!
Felix: No.
Echo: What, you want to see me begging? Fine! I'm begging! PLEASE! Let me join your group!
Felix: No.
Echo: You just don't get it, do you? I'm not used to being ignored, you know. Take me with you!
Felix: No.
Echo: Don't be a meanie, OK? Nobody likes a meanie. I'm serious here. You don't really want to leave me behind, do you?
Felix: ...Yes?
Echo: Oh, all right. If that's the way you're gonna be, fine. I'm coming with you anyway!

After all that, we go into a cave where some meddling kids are. Apparently these kids got trapped because of the tidal wave. This is all AAAAD's fault, of course. We can't seem to do anything to help them, though.

We go to yet another town with some meditative-type guys but they won't let us in. There's obviously a secret passage, though, and this is actually all Kraden has to say about it. Wow. We Whirlwind the leaves away because Sheba is pretty much just Ivan's twin sister.

What is this, a Buddhist dystopia? Anyway some guys try to float and the last guy does pretty well so he's eligible to take a trial so he can ASCEND. He leaves the door open for us. Um.

This guy failed the test, ha ha. Come on, how do you fail here? It's just a maze, and it would be really easy if you were looking at it from your own perspective rather than the player's. There aren't even any random -

Oh. Right.

And on second thought, maybe he isn't as much of a master of hopping over a one-tile gap as AAAAD and Felix are.

Felix is so cool he can walk in place on a tightrope. Perpendicular to the rope.

We fight three CHESTBEATERS. Blue hands, but still an improvement. Master Puyo is all like "AT LAST ONE OF MY STUDENTS HAS - WAIT YOU'RE NOT ONE OF MY STUDENTS." However he still decides to give us Lash. What does Lash do?

It ties ropes to very specific rope-tying-protrusions. Physical labor, etc. Maybe the rope is just heavy? Or maybe the kids in that cave are just that clueless.

Yes, Kraden, but only old men use the phrase "spring chicken."

Ultimate improvement over Golden Sun: rope-shimmying sprites. We get Lash so now we can save the kids. Whee.

Chapter 2 + 5