Let's Play Golden Sun: Chapter 5

There's some stealth here with using Cloak but since it only works in shadows you have to look out for the bad-looking circles of light.

Um. Okay.

They guys walk back and forward really fast so you have to be fast too.

We fought a guy earlier and then fought these three guys who don't want us to find a well-hidden switch. Well. By the way, isn't it convenient that every guard you can't avoid just fights you instead of throwing you out?

I forgot to screenshot it but there was a key lying behind a gate and we used the almighty CATCH BEADS to reach it. Which is one of the useless items we got when we left Vale. Huh.

After Whirlwinding this wall to clear out some leaves I found the switch.

Ha ha Hammet is fat? Anyway Dodonpachi comes in and acts evil.

I took this screenshot, but I'm not going to do it. Dodonpa calls in his STRONGEST MONSTER.


see above

Exactly what I was thinking, Gary.

Dodonpachi: Yeah, OK! I'm sorry! Now, get this thing off of me!
Gary: "Get this thing off of me"!?
Ivan: I don't know. That thing looks awfully heavy for us kids to lift.

Ivan is pretty much the best character, yeah.

And yes, that WAS me transcribing dialogue. Truly the end of the world this game is coming.

Since we're so nice we do what he says and move it with Li... wait, physical labor?! Well, what do you know. But at this point, it's too late for me to be proud of these guys. They still resort to psychic powers for the other 99% of everything.

Everyone argues about how they shouldn't trust Dodonpachi to actually stop being evil, then Donpa comes in and tells him how stupid he is and how he'll stay in his room to think about what he's done. He's a way cooler old man than Kraden.

On the way back we find some guy Hammet knows who was trying to save him except he didn't have the psychic powers to get past the gate. I missed all the important dialogue boxes so you get this one.

We go back to Kalay and Hammet is with his wife or something. Finally. We have to go to Hesperia for some reason. Okay? I hope going to this desert town makes me do that.

This guy I forgot about finds some guys who collapsed in the desert because of sandstorms or maybe sandstorm MONSTERS. Sheba is some girl who's supposed to be at Babby's lighthouse I guess, but she's missing.

These flickering tornados send us back but since AAAAD's our name and speed's our game, we can use Douse to stop them. When did we get Douse? I don't even know. Anyway when we do that we also fight a TORNADO LIZARD.

Red tornado, red tornado, sucks in the soldiers and takes them to the start. Spinning rapidly in the desert sand, waiting for the AAAAD... What manner of Tornado Lizard will we fight? What manner of Tornado Lizard will we fight? Will we fight?

TORNADO CHASER. Man, they should make that as a spinoff of Golden Sun. If you get caught by it you fight a Storm Lizard but you can outrun it pretty easily.

I'm not sure if it's intended, however. You can't see it, but Babby's underling guy I always forget the name of is standing RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of that tornado. He says some stuff about a gate.

Here's the gate. Here are two dead/passed out guys. Sounds like bad news. Apparently Felix the Cat went through which is pretty bad for us.

Those crazy kids with their crazy hairdos.

After talking to this guy, he flicker-disappears like any good RPG. But... but I wanted the Booster 2.0!

NO WAY. Do you know what this means? We're HALFWAY THROUGH THE GAME.

The guy from before had an identical twin.

To completely ruin the drama of being in the dungeon that, once completed, will put us halfway through the game, we have to go to Babby's lighthouse first. Apparently Felix went through this door and we need to figure out how to open it.

It's not very hard. Everyone is like "HOW DID YOU DO THAT."

Ivan. Best character. Everyone else tries to go through but only cool people with psychic powers can go through.

Gee, this seems kind of familiar.

These ruins are kind of part of Venus Lighthouse and begin to show that you must be the MASTER OF PUZZLES to get through. There's statue-pushing puzzles, pillar-pushing puzzles, pillars-with-water-pushing puzzles, filling-empty-pillars-with-water-using-Douse puzzles, and using-Frost-on-water-pillars puzzles.

There's also a statue that's actually a treasure chest, but it's just armor, so who cares.

DISCO GODDESSES. We have to push them into positions I'm not sure how I was supposed to figure out. Uh, which of course means I figured it out myself. Of course.

Back to the dramatic halfway point.

We have to push the off-colored Pipe Dream piece into place so the goddess statue can send heavenly (and also really slow) electricity to open the door behind us.


That looks like a long fall. I'd better carefully set up my equipment for the possible boss ahead and not -

OW hey what's this thing?

No, it's not actually lit yet. I paused multiple times to make sure it wasn't doing some kind of HYPER flicker. Felix walks in and Ricardo and Merandi are surprised because he was supposed to be on the ship or something. He realizes they haven't given back Sheba to wherever she's supposed to be (I forget) because she's wind elemental and they need her to light the wind lighthouse. Elementary, my dear Felix.

Anyway while Felix is trying to take Sheba with him we walk over to them. They realize we have the Shaman Rod which is needed to enter some lighthouse somewhere. We give it to them by falling for Ricardo's impressive logic that he promised not to hurt Sheba, but not that he would give her back. Anyway we fight Ricardo and Mirandi and Felix tells us he's not really on our side because he wants to light the beacons.

Oh, Gary.

Suddenly Ricardo and Mirandi get up and light the beacon to restore their energy. How, you ask?

By tossing the star into the hole, having it bounce off the sides, then roll in. You have no idea how funny this really looks in motion, especially with the "bounce" sound effect.

Felix runs off with Sheba. Which is good? I guess?

This, however, is never good.


And there goes the final halfway boss.

Ricardo and Mirandi have some humorous "falling backwards" sprites. Felix comes in and talks with you about how he can't tell you why he wants to light the beacons.

Then the ominous beam of light in the center gets mean.


Felix can use BOLD, holy frick. And also jumps down after Sheba. Badass. Too bad we'll never control him, huh?

AAAAD CAN TALK?! Now THIS is a twist ending.

Gary tells us we should go find Jenny. Then he realizes we can't really get back down and instantly the lighthouse fixes itself. I'm immediately suspicious, but also thanks?

That always means they're alive. Then again, they didn't make a Golden Sun 2, so maybe she did die. The world may never know.

Babby's servant guy tells us to sail to Lemuria since we saw a place covered in mist or something.

In this thing.


Like I said, it's a shame they never made a Golden Sun 2. We get on the ship, and hang on tight, cause here we go!

Wait, seriously? I was joking. I thought this was the halfway point. What the hell is this?

Oh, I see. When they make Golden Sun 2, which'll probably be sometime after translating Mother 3, I'll be able to keep my old stats and stuff! Awesome.

Whoops, I chose "no."

Jenny and Kraden are lying on a drifting island. But then Alex comes over and...

Aha! Well, now that that's resolved, maybe there won't be a Golden Sun 2. Oh well.

Too bad I didn't save any clear data so I could do a New Game Plus. Now, let's see how long this all took!





Chapter 6...?