Let's Play Golden Sun: Chapter 2

It has come to my attention that there was a BAD ENDING near the end of the last update that I turbo A'd right on through. I apologize. I am not typically the one to completely miss this kind of bad ending. I refused to save the world in Super Paper Mario three times and laughed heartily while I mashed 2 to get through the intro again.

Anyway, here is a bad Youtube video showing it off. The quality is better than another, unneccessarily 7-minute-long video, but I question if the person playing came out of it with their sanity intact, as they describe it as "the bad ending you can get five minutes into the game." Yeah, they probably didn't even play the game. Anyway.

AAAAD stops and notices a red and white flashing thing flying around. It suddenly animorphs into a weird... man, I don't even know what to jokingly call it. It kind of looks like the ice boss from Ristar? He calls us an Aleph, or Adept, or something, and asks to join us. Also his name is Flint, which makes him the first person in this game with a name that's already cool without me having to intentionally misspell it.

So anyway, he tells us that we gotta catch all his Djinni friends who are elemental guys that help us in battle. Like we need help in battle. AAAAD has the Power of the Gods (copyright gameshark.com) on his side. He gives us a "brief" tutorial on using Djinni but you all know what that means at this point.

We got the POWER OF LOVE and by that I mean we psychically absorb Flint or something.

As soon as we try to enter this town, we move out of the way so these Oregon Trail people can leave the town much smaller than them and cross the bridge to the south. But then the view pans over to a more south bridge that's broken, so they can't get to Kalay or something. They say something about Ivan having strange powers and then a blue energy bone (copyright Joakim Sandberg) comes out of nowhere and lands near them and they're like "THIS IS TOO TREACHEROUS RETREAT."

Once they finally stop giving us exposition and head north of the town they came out of (while AAAAD and Gary just stand there), we finally go into the town, Vault.

Vault is a pretty boring town. It's not even the westmost on the world map or anything notable like that.

There's this really badly dressed guy up here who suddenly asks us this. Not suspicious at all.

Are those graves? I'm going to assume they're graves and that this dog killed six guys while I was still in the introduction. Man, that would've been way more exciting.

Here we go, best part of the game. MIND READ. The screen goes purple because purple is the color of magic.

Whoa, you do, Ivan?! I guess I just used Mind Read too!!

Ivan keeps being socially awkward and using MIND READ on AAAAD instead of letting us talk.

Ivan is cool enough and I'm good enough of an LPer to not make any jokes about this.

What? No yes/no option? C'mon, game! I think it's pretty awesome and want to tell him so.

Oh there we go. This is what happens when I'm making comments as I'm taking screenshots, since I'm too lazy to take out screenshots.


If he does it too long, Gary's terrible secret that he doesn't have much of a mind will get out. Then again, after this, Ivan and Gary read AAAAD's mind...

...And the game doesn't have anything to show us. I'm not even sure if that's insulting AAAAD, the player, or what.

Anyway, enough of that scene. Ivan joins us to find the thieves who stole the rod with the power of MIND READ

This incredibly suspicious guy just got more suspicious.

The dog with the biting (woof) social commentary. But he did kill six guys, so I gotta respect his opinion.

Yes... Just awful... Google Golden Sun what is the pickpocket NPC button

We find two more equally suspicious guys who run away from us. We can't catch them, so we have to try to go back downstairs and have Ivan suggest that we're stupid and can team up on them. Suddenly their running becomes terrible, but this is fortunate, as Ivan wanders around randomly and it would be impossible to catch them if they acted the same.

Ivan tells us that they apparently hid all their stuff somewhere and we have to find it. Why Ivan couldn't find out where, I have no idea.

There's a convenient hole in a roof that leads to a room with a hole and a giant crate and then we move the crate to get here. After we untie this guy the thieves come in and we have a boss battle.

Wouldn't you know it, they just never heard that before and now everything is solved. Ivan asks us what we're going to do now and we mention Felix, but to stop us from having to explain, Ivan just uses MIND READ. Yeah, I like Ivan.

The elder comes in and takes some treasures that were also stolen and also there's the rod. Apparently Ivan's master has been KIDNAPPED. Also I think the guy who kidnapped him is named "Dodonpa" which better have something to do with the shooting game. Ivan leaves us but I'm pretty sure he won't leave for good. Just call it... a Mind Read into the future.

We head to Goma Cave Entrance where we pull some logs. There's a log covered in leaves that we can't move but then Ivan shows up and uses Whirlwind to free it. I told you he wouldn't leave for good. He has a pretty thorough explanation for rejoining us but this is my LP and I don't care so neither will you.

Inside the cave we get this medal because we're lucky guys.

And beat up a Mars (fire) Djinn because we're cool guys.

What is a man? A miserable little pile of bark.

Oh, we ARE entering. (It turns out there's nothing here yet because there's a big gold goddess statue in the way. Um.)

We go really far north to a snowy place. This guy is sick and doing that weird scaling effect that's hard to show in screenshots. The point is, we need to get Mia to point out the contridiction in his sickness.

Then when I couldn't find Mia I consulted the experts and realized I had to go back to the town with the tree person. Whoops.

We get up on these logs and eventually find an ALTERNATE entrance to that top secret cave from which we can move the statue. We get a Jupiter/Wind Djinn. Whee.

Anyway, where I failed is the fact that I had to go to the castle and talk to BOTH guards to enter. Come on, seriously. No one playing this game wants to read MORE text.

This is a Scottish guy named McCoy which I guess means he's not real. Anyway he tells he we should save Kolima from being turned into trees. Okay. Ivan has a fireball spell, right?

Unfortunately since we're just a kid, we can't be the guy, so he refuses to give us the key to the barricade. Jerk.

It's not a very impressive barricade, but it stops us anyway. Wait...

Okay, it's a VERY non-impressive barricade.

We enter a forest and suddenly get attacked by a tractor beam or something. Then sparkly stuff falls and they realize it's the T(ree)-virus but then they get psychic shields from Buzz Buzz which last until the sparkly stuff stops. They realize it was their PSYCHIC POWERS that saved them and then some tree people talk to them and we find out we need to kill Tret, who's a jerk.

You may notice I'm not screenshotting any of this. That's because the shields are just a flickering, solid blue, pixelated dome. Greatest graphics on the GBA right here.

Log rolling puzzles. Four screens of them.

This attractive tree talks to us about Tret's glamor. We don't need to hear about it, lady.

Inside the Deku Tree is a dungeon.

These seed things break if you jump on them more than once. And you fall.

The point of the dungeon is to fall on this one so you fall down all the center holes to reach the lowest level, where you find...


So we beat Tret up and he turns good and tries to turn the treepeople back into regular people but he's too weak and dies. Oh well. We have to get the HEALING WATERS OF MERCURY LIGHTHOUSE but that's kind of separate so END OF CHAPTER.

Chapter 3