Let's Play Golden Sun: Chapter 3

So we left this old guy dying here for like at LEAST an hour, but thankfully he's still alive. So now we need to find Mila for real.

I messed around with this ice puzzle for a while and after deeming it impossible found out that talking to some random girl in the church would trigger Mia arriving. COME ON.

Mia channels a bunch of girls wearing hoods and drops sparkly stuff on the old guy. Great, now he's going to turn into a tree. Something flashes outside and Mila is all like "OH NO THE LIGHTHOUSE ALEX I'M BEING VAGUE BY RANDOMLY SAYING THINGS WITH ELLIPSES AFTER THEM."

To impersonate Gary from Chapter 1, "It's me, stupid!" Then she walks one tile forward and says this again. There's a statue in the way and we push it for her and she's like "WOW PSYCHIC POWERS IT'S NOT LIKE I HAVE ANYTHING LIKE THAT."

Mia shows how bad she is at getting around this guy and then makes a sad face. We just fight it. After that she... just nods at us. I really appreciate the few times the game shows restraint and doesn't barf out a million textboxes. The very few times.

I wonder if this statue will ever be important? I mean, it's glowing red. Maybe Mother will be awakened.

Mia may be less annoying with text boxes, but she's still just as stupid as everyone else. After we move it for her she finally realizes we're trying to reach the top of the lighthouse too and joins us.

An expansion on the rolling log puzzles, now we have to roll pipes into place to make water spray out. Except there's only this one pipe so it's not that cool.

We eventually land in front of the statue and jump into its heart and use Curey's heal spell.

And it gives us the ability to be Jesus and jump across water three times. It even gives us little halos!

Also we come out of this waterfall, which teaches that we need to walk into waterfalls to proceed. There's always something behind the waterfall.

The rest of the dungeon is pretty much combinations of these things, including another really easy water pipe puzzle that's used to flood one of the rooms so we can hop on the water. There's a slightly more difficult one where you use water jets to push a statue into a hole so it lands on the previous floor for the sake of being put on a switch.

Oh, and this water jet pushes back a wall. Dang.

Rainbows. We use Cure on this statue which does something. Then Mia RUNS UP THE WATERFALL. AAAAD and the rest follow with considerably less running and more almost drowning.

This thing alternates between a big planetball and a smaller planetball and it really looks bad.

It apparently also means the lighthouse has been lit. That's a bad thing, I guess! Since Mia doesn't have the awesomeness of Mind Read we have to explain some more stuff to her and it's pretty -


The evil gang and Jenny and Kraden are all here and they're being evil. Ricardos wants to fight us but either Mirandi is too lazy to come over or Ricardos is too stubborn to let Mirandi help.

Kraden provides useful advice to the end. So anyway we fight Ricardi.

Yeah, sure. Alex comes out of nowhere and also I forgot to mention Mia came here looking for Alex.

I was going to make a joke about this as if Mia and Alex were a couple and they had a fight but geez there's an exclamation point.

Alex tells us that the lighthouse gave Mia UNLIMITED POWER and weakened Ricardo because it's water elemental and he's fire elemental and other such Pokemon type advantages. Ricardo gets up and Alex " Teleport "s away. We go back to the base and get some Hermes Water for the trees.

And then we have to do the forest again to get to them. Whee.

When we give the water to Tret the forest glows radioactively but then it turns healthy-looking. Tret babbles about GEMS FROM THE SKY cursing him or something. Who cares.

And then we have to backtrack through the forest again. Whee.

There's a bridge to the south we can now cross because the guy operating it isn't a tree anymore.

This guy is eating a hamburger while being psychic. We talk to some leader guy and he tells us to take a grotto trial. Grotto is perhaos the least-ominous word for a cave so I'm sure it won't be hard. However I get lost and completely skip this. Apparently it's optional so it's okay.

This ugly frog thing jumps into this stump. Okay.

This forest is kind of like a Lost Woods except the map makes sense. Um, except for the rooms that loop endlessly. Also it has more log puzzles.

The frog from before jumps out of the stump then this giant one jumps out too. We fight it and it's supposed to be a KILLER APE?? Come on, I can recognize things on the Atari better than this. Then again, I suppose I probably would have if this ape wasn't turquoise.


As opposed to...

Really, I've been Mind Reading more people than I've been talking to, and these guys have really been the only ones worth screenshotting.

In trying to show this girl's sprite (since the message box normally completely blocks her), I realized that people will STOP IN MIDAIR if I Mind Read them at the correct time. This girl is jumping and spinning randomly, so it works out.

Water water is everywhere in Altin and I guess we have to do something about it.

We go into a cave and follow this lizard thing until it starts doing this. We fight it. It's a "Living Statue." Seriously, what. We get a Frost Jewel which gives us Frost which makes it so we can turn blue puddle things into ice pillars. Cool.

The water outside has lowered a little, so now we can follow some train tracks into a mine. Wait, train tracks? Or are they...


Mother 3: Strange, funny, and heartrending. Also, minecarts. After making this jump we fight another LIVING STATUE.

More minecarts. More Frost-ing. More living statue.

Finally we reach the bottom and Gary does something dumb and a giant Mode 7 Boulder™ falls and makes a giant hole in the floor. Sweatdrop. We climb down on minecart tracks because that's cool.

And fight this Hydros Statue That makes slightly more sense, I guess. We get a Lifting Gem which gives us Lift. Okay?

We use Lift to clear this path.


I think this is a good place to stop.

Chapter 4